Professor Azaria Rein interview

Professor Azaria Rein, pediatric cardiologist, who is specialized in the care of children with congenital heart diseases, clarifies what is really the case regarding complications that might arise from COVID19 pandemia, stating:

 ‘A congenital heart disease is not per se a condition which increases the risk of complication related to the COVID19 pandemia. However, if the congenital heart disease is associated  with significant hypoxemia (cyanotic heart disease) or with heart failure, there is an increased risk if the child is contaminated with the  COVID19’

 Professor Azaria Rein is the Head of the Department of Pediatric Cardiology of Hadassah University Hospital in Jerusalem. Specializes in cardiology, pediatric cardiology, as well as non-invasive cardiology. He speaks fluently English, French and Hebrew. He is a member of the American and Israeli Heart Association, the European Society of Cardiology and many other societies and association of interventional and non-interventional cardiology. His articles and publications are more than a hundred, while he has been involved in a significant number of research studies.

The Children’s Hospital of Hadassah, comprises of the most specialized doctors and surgeons, who are dealing with cases of orthopedic, urology, cardiosurgery, ophthalmology and other specializations, on a daily basis. Being supported by a very well trained and experienced nursing staff, they offer high quality medical services using the latest technology equipment.