Ostheopetrosis, or marble bone disease

This “Thank you” note was written by the parents of a four year old boy from the Ukraine.

Vladik was diagnosed with a rare genetical disease, Osteopethrosis, at the age of two. Osteopetrosis, literally “stone bone”, also known as marble bone disease and Albers-Schonberg disease is an extremely rare inherited disorder whereby the bones harden, becoming denser and can cause bones to dissolve and break. Children with this situation usually do live beyond four years of age.

Following his diagnosis, Vladik’s parents embarked on a worldwide search for the correct treatment to save their son’s life. They contacted the iMER company who gave all of the medical material to Professor Igor Resnick, the director of the Pediatric BMT unit. He carefully reviewed all of the material and although he made no promises, he was willing to lead a small army to battle to save this child’s life.Prof. Resnick proposed that the child undergo a Bone Marrow Transplant and the family arrived in Israel to begin this lengthy process.

The parents were so grateful for the care that both they and their son received in Israel that they invested a huge effort in preparing a beautiful thank you letter written in English. They were insistent to go with their child and personally present it to the Hadassah Medical Center Director Dr. Yuval Weiss. Dr. Weiss was very moved by the meeting and expressed his thanks to the parents for placing their most valuable possession in the hands of the Hadassah team.

Mr. Weiss!

We are the parents of Vladislav Zarichko, who has rare disease “Ostheopetrosis”. We have come from Ukraine and are extremely happy that we chose “Crestor generic“, where we met people who were so careful and attentive to our son!

We also would like to thank Dr. Igor Resnik, which devoted a lot of his time while consulting us. He concluded of BMT necessity, and gave us hope that our son may be cured, which made us come to Hadassah. Thank you from the bottom of our heart for your care and sympathy.

We are very glad to be admitted to the pediatric department of Dr.Stefansky, which is very experienced in the BMT of children and specifically with our disease. We are very grateful to her as for despite the serious waiting list she understood our situation and gave the opportunity to make the procedure urgently. We are thankful to the personnel of the BMT department, that daily and nightly was taking care of Vladik.

We would like to thank separately the staff of iMER for the highest quality of their work on all steps of our process of treatment, human attitude and care they showed to us.

We believe that our son will be successfully cured and we will get back home healthy!

We wish you all the best, success in your hard work and more cured and thankful patients!

Sincerely yours,
Elena Zarichko

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