Urgent air ambulance medical evacuation of a patient with severe traumatic brain injury

Aeromedical evacuation from Sharm el-Sheikh to the Hadassah Medical Center

One June afternoon, on the road from Sharm el-Sheikh to Dahab, a car driven by a young woman from Russia was involved in a traffic accident. The woman was traveling to Dahab in Egypt accompanied by her baby daughter, but they never reached their destination. The baby was miraculously uninjured, but her mother sustained severe traumatic brain injury. Family friends, concerned by sudden disappearance of the mother and her baby, started to search. The car was found on a dark desert road, approximately four hours after the accident. The injured woman was taken to the local provincial hospital in a grave state. It was evident that she required specialized treatment and it was decided to organize an air ambulance to evacuate her to the Hadassah university hospital in Jerusalem .


As told by Maria, an iMER medical coordinator
«While working for Kamagra 100mg, I have had to organize Lisinopril hydrochlorothiazideseveral times. I coordinated my first such case in the beginning of 2011. Since then I’ve had a number of cases, each one gives me the same feeling – the sense of participation in a mission to save a life. It always begins with extreme stress: a sleepless night filled with medical consults, innumerous  calls, exhausting work. Followed by relief when the mission is accomplished and the patient arrives to the Hadassah MC. Then it is time for no less difficult work of medical curators and a heroic effort of the doctors, who often accomplish tasks that border on miracles!»


The decision to accept a patient in such severe condition caused by severe traumatic brain injury had to be made at the level of the Chief of Staff of the Hadassah University Medical Center. Enormous amount of work was required to prepare for the admission and necessary treatment of the injuries was completed in a matter of mere hours; this included rigorous following of the ‘Protocol of necessary steps to prepare for aeromedical evacuation.

At midnight, less than 10 hours since the decision had been made regarding aeromedical evacuation, the MedEvac airambulance flew  to Egypt. Everything was scheduled down to the minute: arrival to Egypt, discharge from the local hospital  and transport of the patient to the airport, meeting of the MedEvac plane in Ben-Gurion airport and further ground transportation of the patient to Jerusalem by  ambulance. A paramedic accompanied the patient the entire journey until she reached the admission room of the Hadassah MC.

As told by Eugenia, iMER medical curator: «Half past three in the morning the plane left Egypt for Ben-Gurion, and half past five I was already by the side of the patient and her mother in the Hadassah MC admission room. In the year and a half that I had worked here, I had never seen all the diagnostic tests performed so fast on a weekend. From the very first moments, Professor took charge of the patient’s case. Doctors Peter Mouryc and Roni Eichel, as well as other doctors of the Hadassah MC, also took part in the treatment – a whole medical team!»


After the unrivaled efforts of the Hadassah MC’s medical team  provided stabilization of the patient and the first positive effects of the treatment were seen, the patient was taken from Israel  to Saint Petersburg in Russia by a MedEvac airplane of the Russian Federation’s EMERCOM. A few days days after the the flight Dr, Peter Mouryc, attending doctor on the case, got in touch with patient’s mother in Saint Petersburg and received joyful news: the young woman was out of deep coma and began rehabilitation in her native city.


‘Thank you’ letter from a patient’s mother
Экстренная медицинская эвакуация по воздуху пациентки с тяжёлой черепно-мозговой травмой «My immense gratitude goes out to the entire iMER staff! But especially I want to thank Maria and Eugenia. Thank you so very much, dear ladies, for your help and support in those difficult days while my daughter was treated here in the Hadassah MC.»


N.О., Russia
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Patients’ Stories

Frequently the iMER Coordinators are moved by medical cases such as this one: a 36 year old woman from Athens, Greece, in the 35th week of her pregnancy, suddenly experienced breathing difficulties coupled with vomiting. Her distressed husband rushed her to the closest hospital in Athens, where she received emergency treatment but despite all efforts, became spastic and lost consciousness. The Greek doctors diagnosed her with eclampsi. She underwent a caesarean section to save her baby and this surgery was followed by two craniotomies to
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