Ukraine patient with the recurrence of tumor

Ukraine patient with the recurrence of tumorWe have recently got a story of iMER patient from Ukraine. The patient, Lena Balbek, needed to be examined by a highly professional doctors from the Orthopedic Oncology department. The patient was suggested to get a necessary medical treatment in Austria. Lena Balbek positively appreciated iMER expertise in coordinating super specialized medical team. Further there is a letter by Lena Balbek.

I would like to express my gratitude to iMER for help in my challenging case.

I have been diagnosed a tumor (clear cell sarcoma) in late 2009 and underwent a surgery in Kiev, Ukraine. Unfortunately, quite soon, in February 2011 a recurrence has been discovered. This time I decided to find the best orthopedic oncologists and a hospital representing the highest medical standards. On this preparatory stage I found iMER.

iMER team helped me to get acknowledged with local market and suggested to undergo a surgery in AKH, leading medical establishment in Austria and Europe with the head of orthopedic oncology department, Professor Reinhard Windhager and a prominent plastic surgeon, Doctor Oscar Aszmann. iMER made all necessary preliminary consultations and a proposal that has been accurate and totally reasonable.

All consecutive arrangements from their side have been organized smoothly and with ultimate patient care: assistance in acquiring medical Schengen visa, all arrangements with hospital, preliminary consultations with surgeons and much and much more.

At this point I would like to highlight the immense spirit and professionalism of Ms. Susan Hajek, Operational manager at iMER. From the first calls until long after I left Austria, Susan has been managing my case. At client service business, especially such challenging one, as medical tourism, personal approach to clients is crucially important. And iMER is very lucky to have Ms. Hajek in a team. While being at hospital, before and after surgery, Susan has been attentive to all my needs, to every tiny detail, available 24/7, handling all force-majours on the spot and what is very important to cancer clients: being supportive and understanding.

That being said, I would highly recommend iMER as a professional agent on a medical market!

Lena Balbek

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