Treatment of skin melanoma in Israel: testimony by a patient from Moscow

Vaccine against skin cancer – cancer prevention vaccination program at Hadassah MC

As told by Maria Tishkov, iMER medical coordinator

Svetlana’s case didn’t seem exceptional at first sight. I got a package of her medical documentation and a request from her daughter to create a plan of treatment that was to be carried out in Israel. The case was about skin cancer.

Treatment of skin melanoma in Israel: testimony by a patient from MoscowKnowing that Svetlana had went through two surgeries in Russia, our medical experts created a special treatment plan. It includes removal of the tumor followed by vaccination to prevent cancer – skin cancer vaccine had been used here in Hadassah MC for about three years by then. Once Svetlana had the plan, she made a decision to come to Israel.

What can I say…? I rarely had an opportunity to meet people like Svetlana – sincere, friendly, patient. Later it turned out that she contacted iMER following recommendation from the people who also had found help and support here. It was wonderfully pleasant to discover that.

Melanoma of the skin is a serious condition that requires complex and long-term treatment. Svetlana was cared for by a team of doctors from many branches of medicine, lead by the oncologist Stivan Frank and the Chief of Surgery department Professor Aviram Nissan. The cancer vaccine course is not finished yet, but Svetlana feels a lot better. The outcomes of the recent check-ups are positive, and we are all sincerely happy for Svetlana and thankful to her for that kind and warm letter she left in our guest book:


Treatment of skin melanoma in Israel: Svetlana’s testimony

“Addressing all the patients: we all come here with our own mind sets, our own hopes, but sometimes it happens: not every hope comes to fruition – there is God’s will in all of that. Don’t be suspicious, don’t expect to be cheated – here, Professionals are at work! They welcome us all like a family here; look how patient and friendly they all are, how they have a kind word for each and every one of us. Smile back at them!..

 And now to my dear beloved iMER staff: Lea, my dear! May God reward you for all the kindness you emit! Sweet, lovely ladies Lilya and Maria (Tishkov), I was so scared coming here, but thanks to your sensitivity and care I’m not alone. Simple words of thanks are not enough, words cannot express all that a heart feels, but still – THANK YOU! I love you! Thank you and all who replaced you making sure I’m never alone: Eugenia, Irina, Masha, Valya, all and everyone. Wishing you strength and patience!
Svetlana, Moscow, Aug 2013

Hope and Trust make our lives more beautiful. It is very important to know you have people you can trust. Share kindness and good advice with those who trust you. Share hope – it saves people’s lives!


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