Treatment of myelodyspastic syndrome

Treatment of myelodyspastic syndromeNikolai, a 55 year old man from the Ukraine.

In 1986 Nikolai was working in the Chernoble area. He was checked at the time and there was no evidence of damage. 25 years later he developed a serious case of anemia. Originally the Ukrainian doctors did not recognize the seriousness of the situation and they recommended a course of a b12 vitamin. There was no improvement in his condition and further tests were performed that showed that he was suffering from Myelodyspastic syndrome (prelukeumia).

The myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS, formerly known as preleukemia) are a diverse collection of hematological (blood-related) medical conditions that involve ineffective production (or dysplasia) of the myeloid class of blood cells.

Nikolai knew that there was no time to waste and he contacted iMER. Dr. Anna Benstein, the medical adviser, referred the case to Prof. Michael Shapira the world renowned expert in auto-immune therapy and B.M.T.. Prof. Shapira recognized that the patient was challenged with an aggressive disease and proposed immediate hospitalization to prepare him for a Bone Marrow Transplant.

In 2011 Nicolai came to the “Hadassah” Medical Center in Jerusalem for hospitalization. An immediate international search was launched for a suitable donor. In April the transplantation was made. He remained in Israel until September and returned to the Ukraine only after the doctors assured him that the transplant was a success.

A follow-up visit was held in January 2012 – this is his heartwarming letter:

“I, Nikolai Lubimov from Kiev want to express my thanks to all of the iMER workers for the aid and assistance that they extended to me. The goodness and understanding that they gave me was incredible. I wish – to all of you good health, love and great pride in your families. I send my prayers to you that you only meet with kindness, good luck and all of G-d’s blessings.

Thank you once again.
Respectfully, Nikolai Lubimov”.

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Patients’ Stories

This letter is from the son of a Russian patient who suffered from a spleen aneurism. It was suggested that surgery needed to be performed with an imminent danger of sacrificing vital internal organs. Thanks to the advise of specialists at the Hadassah University Medical Center from Jerusalem, Israel, in January 2010, the patient underwent a procedure of an embolization of the spleen aneurysm. The embolization erased the threat of a rupture of the splenic artery. In Dec. 2009, my mother who lives in Volgodonsk