Treatment of hypothyroidism in a child: family’s testimony

Pharmaceutical treatment of hypothyroidism in children

As told by Dr Anna Benstein, medical director of iMER

If a medical issue is clear and a correct solution is found, medicine can save a life of a person -if this person is a child, it saves a childhood! Several years ago the family of a girl with severe endocrine deficiency contacted us. Reduced function of the thyroid – otherwise known as hypothyroidism – causes systemic disorders of all organs. In children, symptoms of hypothyroidism are especially sad to observe. Children look as if they’ve lost their ‘spark’, become sleepy and lethargic. Sometimes hypothyroidism triggers the development of cardiac pathologies that are difficult to treat.


We composed a medical plan for diagnostics and offered to bring the girl for a consult with Dr Gillis, an endocrinologist from the Hadassah MC. When we saw the child for the first time, it was a painful sight: the girl was lethargic, literally barely alive, she was suffering from excruciating pain. Oh, how much we all rejoiced when the appropriate treatment the doctor had prescribed for her hypothyroidism began to work in just ten days!

We see our young patient every six months. We are observing her growth and development. It looks as if the girl has woken up from a deep sleep: she has gotten better at school, caught up with her peers (as hypothyroidism in children causes developmental delay). And recently, we got a letter from her grandmother. We would like to publish an abstract here:


Testimony: successful treatment of hypothyroidism in a child
successful treatment of hypothyroidism in a child “Hello! I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Anna and and all the staff that works with us for your help and for being a part of our lives, mine and my granddaughter’s. Her condition has greatly improved while staying here, the most important part – she stopped complaining about the pain she used to feel in her bones. We will fly to see Dr Gillis in the end of October. Family circumstances in Israel allow us to fly over and comfortably stay for a while” August 2013 


What a joy it is that this child was treated by Dr Gillis! The doctor saved the girl from a disability and gave her back her childhood.



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