Successful treatment of non-Hodgkin lymphoma with complications – a patient’s testimonial

In the fall of 2012, a letter from Kazakhstan arrived at iMER. In this letter, the son of a military retiree Gali G. was asking for a consultion and medical treatment for his father who had been diagnosed with B-cell lymphoma and urgently required medical care.


As the disease had progressed, the immune system of the patient grew weaker, and the underlying oncological condition led to such complications as severe herpes and varicella. The family decided to minimize risks and chose the Hadassah university hospital for treatment.


Once he arrived to Israel, the patient was immediately hospitalized. During his stay he was given all the necessary diagnostic tests and examinations, including pathology revision, CT and a bone marrow biopsy. Based on the outcome of the tests, the patient was prescribed several rounds of chemotherapy. At the same time, the doctors treated the complications caused by his non-Hodgkin lymphoma. The treatment was successful and by the end of it, the patient went into long-awaited remission.

Four months had passed since Gali G. was brought to the Hadassah medical center in a grave non ambulatory condition… Before returning to his homeland of Kazakhstan rejuvenated and well-rested, Gali wrote a testimonial to thank iMER’s staff for their heartfelt attitude and well-coordinated, highly professional work that multiplied the efficiency of his communication with Israeli doctors tenfold:


Please accept my most sincere words of gratitude for your attention, care and the highest professional qualities revealed during our stay.
Dear Leah, Olga, Sasha, your organizational skills, as well as sincerity and kindness of Irina and Zhenya definitely help to improve the health of your patients by a large degree.
We wish you wellbeing, happiness and success in your difficult work.
We will keep the warmest memories of you, Lyuba – be happy and healthy!

Respectfully, Gali, Nursulu

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