Surgery to excise a liver cell adenoma: a testimony by the patient’s son

Obtaining second medical opinion and recommendation for effective treatment of liver cell adenoma

“Olga, you asked me to write down our story. I tried, and this is what worked out.

After a cyst had been detected in my mother’s liver, I decided to take her abroad to seek a second medical opinion. I will explain why. First of all, I could not understand why we had been referred to an oncologist if it was just a cyst. And second, the oncologist didn’t really say anything concrete, rather just generally recommended to watch the size of the cyst ‘in progress’, but we could never find out from him whether it was a hemangioma or liver cell adenoma and what kind of treatment was necessary. I really did not like this attitude. Also, my mother had taken medications containing estrogen for several years by then, which as they say everywhere may cause adenoma development. And again, as they say everywhere, even though adenomas are benign, they can turn malignant.

second medical opinion and Surgery to excise a liver cell adenoma: a testimony“No one offered us to do a biopsy, and I wasn’t even sure one should undergo such procedures in our region if one can travel abroad for a diagnostic examination. Everything was dense as a forest, as we say here, and I wanted clarity. And in my spirit, to tell you the truth, I was prepared that we might need to surgically remove this adenoma, if it would turn out to be one.

“I started considering different options and was referred to iMER. Mere ten days after we had contacted their coordinator Olga Gut all the documentation was prepared, all the appointments were scheduled, and my mother and I arrived for the examination. Three days after our arrival the biopsy was taken. It turned out it really was an adenoma, of such a size that there was a danger of it turning malignant. Dr. Rifaat Safadi recommended surgery as the most efficient treatment of liver cell adenoma in my mother’s case.

“We agreed with the doctor and chose surgery. And we have no regrets! Even though it is to this day considered unusual in Russia to seek second medical opinion, in our case it turned out to be absolutely vital.

“Thank you and iMER one more time for helping my mother. She is doing fine now. Although we have another serious medical issue in the family: my grandfather has been diagnosed with a tumor in his rectum. The only examination done so far has been abdominal and pelvic CT, tomorrow PET-CT will follow. He is considering having a remote consult and then going for the treatment to Israel. I hope my grandfather will be helped as well!

K.D., November 2013″

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Patients’ Stories

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