Surgery to correct a newborn’s congenital vision pathology: the family’s testimony

Diagnosis confirmation: persistent fetal vasculature syndrome (PFVS) not retinal detachment.


As told by Marina, iMER medical expert


Our team of medical experts worked on this case together with an experienced iMER medical coordinator, Lyubov Shenkman. Our patient, stricken with a congenital vision pathology was only three months old and we were working as fast as possible to prepare all the documentation, schedule an appointment with the top pediatric ophthalmologist, to increase the infant’s chances of successful treatment. In Russia the doctors claimed that the infant’s vision was completely lost in one eye and they did not think the child could ever use it. The diagnosis had been established since birth: periorbital hematoma, underdeveloped left eye, retinal detachment.


The baby arrived to the Hadassah Medical Center. In her examination, Dr. Anteby, Chief of the Pediatric Ophthalmology department, discovered a solid fibrous membrane behind his lens. Intraoperative ultrasound examination revealed that it reached to the optic nerve. This is a rare congenital disease called (PFVS) ,persistent fetal vasculature syndrome of the eye. This membrane made it impossible to see and evaluate the retina. We needed to clarify the diagnosis – this discovery made it possible that the boy had no retinal detachment!


The membrane was surgically removed and to the enormous joy of the doctors and the family it was revealed that the baby’s retina was normally attached and developing! The infant had new hope of restoration of his sight.


Confirmation of the congenital eye pathology diagnosis and its treatment: the infant’s family’s testimony
Surgery to correct a newborn’s congenital vision pathology 

“Good afternoon, Lyuba. We landed safely, everything is well. Thank you once again, all of you, for your hard work and heartfelt attitude. We are overjoyed; apparently, miracles can happen indeed. We are all extremely happy.”

 October 2013, V., O. and their baby


It is pure joy to see new hope awaken for the family. The child’s sight will be correctable in the future – with non-invasive steps – imagine local doctors initially thought this case hopeless…

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Patients’ Stories

65 year old Natalia, a doctor herself, was operated on in May 2012 in Moscow to remove a breast carcinoma. Her doctors recommended that she start chemotherapy within 6 weeks after the surgery. Her knowledge of chemotherapy treatments in Russia led Natalia  to seek treatment abroad. After consulting with her colleagues, she decided to receive a postoperative chemotherapy session at the Hadassah University Hospital in Jerusalem. Natalia’s children could not be with her in Israel for the entire treatment. So, she contacted the iMER company