Surgery and treatment of a glial brain tumor: a testimony by patient’s family

As told by Maria, iMER coordinator:

This was one of my first big neurosurgical cases, concerning a surgery for a brain tumor, and I remember everything as clearly as if it happened just a few days ago.

There are some medical cases that seem ordinary, but they are not: the illusion that everything is happening on its own is created by accurate and well-timed decisions of many people, decisions that allow the patient to receive life-saving treatment….

V. was a young woman, a college student, whose cancer returned after a full course of treatment. Not only V. herself, but her entire circle of family and friends could not resign themselves to a grave, almost hopeless diagnosis of a glial brain tumor. Immediate surgery was required.

They decided almost immediately to travel to Israel for treatment, and began their search for a neurosurgeon with the appropriate specialty. V.’s family applied for iMER’s assistance through a contact on our web site. They also agreed to the proposed treatment in the Hadassah MC . We moved mountains to organize an emergency revision surgery for V.: just two days after the patient’s arrival in Israel, Professor Yigal Shoshann, the head of the neurosurgery department, performed a brilliant surgery . We also organized the proposed treatment: chemo- and radiation therapy and even psychological counseling.

Alter the surgery everything happened according to standard protocol for the treatment of a glial brain tumor. A medical team was assembled to care for the patient: Dr Nemirovsky, Dr Wygoda, clinical psychologists and others. After two and a half months in Jerusalem V. and her mother-in-law (who had spent that entire time by the young woman’s side, taking care of her and lifting her spirits) returned home and continued the treatment according to Israeli protocol.

Testimonial letter, written by the patient’s mother-in-law:
Surgery and treatment of a glial brain tumor  

Good afternoon, Mashenka

Let me congratulate you on the upcoming New Year and wish you love, joy, for all your dreams to come true, health and wellbeing – from the bottom of my heart! My most sincere and kindest wishes to all of iMER staff and all of the doctors of the Hadassah MC! We are following the plan and taking a break from chemotherapy for now. V. feels fine. She had an MRT done that revealed, thank God, no negative development. She got official disability status and the University supported her (as it is her senior year) and allowed for flexible attendance. She writes her project papers on her own and has just one left, then on January 20th her exams begin, then finals in March and graduation afterwards. One more time, Happy Holidays to you!




Two years have passed since. We are still keeping in touch with V. and her mother-in-law. The young woman graduated with excellent grades and travelled the world with her family. And recently we got great news: she is no longer keeping her disability of the first degree, the status that was assigned to her following the surgery that removed the glial tumor.


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