Successful treatment of adenocarcinoma metastases in liver: recurrence after surgery

Secondary disease of the liver after the surgical removal of a malignant tumor from the colon: patient’s testimonial


Specifics of adenocarcinoma:

Glandular cancer (in medical terms “adenocarcinoma”) is a malignant tumor that is most often detected in organs , such as liver, pancreas, prostate and others. Adenocarcinomas have a comparatively slow growth rate and in some cases do not metastasize for a long time. This is the reason why a patient needs frequent follow-up examinations after surgical removal of the tumor, so that possible recurrence of the cancer could be diagnosed at the earliest stage possible.


To Israel for cure:

Ukraine, 2011. In his 40s Nikolai received a horrifying diagnosis: mucinous adenocarcinoma of the rectum – in other words, malignant tumor in the colon. Ukrainian doctors surgically removed the cancerous tumor and continued Nikolai’s treatment with a course of chemotherapy. First follow-up examination showed no abnormalities, but the second follow-up revealed a secondary disease of the liver (adenocarcinoma had metastasized).

In the beginning of December 2012 Nikolai’s family, concerned by the recurrence of cancer after the surgery, contacted our team at iMER for a complete diagnostic work-up and confirmation of the diagnosis. Nikolai had consulted Dr Ayala Hubert from Hadassah Medical Center oncology department and just three weeks later underwent a successful surgery to remove metastases of adenocarcinoma. Israeli gastroenterologists composed a chemotherapy protocol for Nikolai and scheduled three follow-up examinations.

Nikolai and his wife, who had never been to Israel before, left heartfelt comments for us. We quote them here, translated from Russian:
Successful treatment of adenocarcinoma metastases in liverFrom the bottom of my heart I thank you for your attention, support and understanding!!! I and my husband came here from the Ukraine. I came to Israel for the first time, and I was very pleasantly surprised. Your people are so pleasant, always ready to help and support others. I want to thank iMER staff for efficient work and professionalism. Huge THANKS to Zhenya, Leah, all-and-every-one of you!
Well done! You are the best!!!
We wish you all strong health, happiness, success, wellbeing for your families and good luck. Respectfully, A.K. and N.K.

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Patients’ Stories

Silvija K. is a 24 years old female, from Zagreb, Croatia. She was diagnosed with a retroperitoneal tumor, and was recommended by her doctors to seek for a second medical opinion. She contacted iMER and the second medical opinion confirmed the diagnosis. She was scheduled for surgery at the Hadassah University Medical Center, in Jerusalem, which was performed successfully. Her recovery was uneventful. Silvija wrote to us: Hallo! My name is Silvija (24). I’m from Croatia, small country in Europe on the Adriatic Sea. In