Successful treatment for post-burn victims in Israel

The wonders of reconstructive surgery

On a Monday in July, 2011, a series of powerful explosions occurred at the military naval base in the northern part of Cyprus. Shipping containers with ammunition, that had been seized from Iranian smugglers and stored on one of the army warehouses exploded. The accident left 12 people killed and more than 30 injured. The injuries included a number of victims with severe burns.

The wonders of reconstructive surgeryAmong the seriously wounded was A.Ch., a young Cyprus policeman. He suffered from multiple intensive burns, he was literally burnt alive. The hospital team in charge of the emergency medical care recognized the need for more specialized and intensive treatment and decided on immediate evacuation of the victim to Israel, knowing that post-burn plastic and reconstructive medicine are at the highest level. iMER was called in to organize the evacuation and he was flown by their specialized medical staff by air ambulance to the Hadassah Hospital.

When he arrived at the Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem it was clear that due to the intensity of his wounds almost no hope was left. The Hadassah doctors did not give up they took full charge and recruited the finest team of multi-disciplinary specialists to address this complicated case

A.Ch. was first stabilized in the Intensive Care Unit to allow his body to survive undergo numerous operations by the specialists in the plastic and reconstructive surgery. One of the most amazing operations the young man underwent was a maxillofacial surgery with implantation of prosthetic eye performed by Prof. Sela.

Dr. M. Chernovsky, a specialist in plastic surgery of the hands was brought in to reconstruct the burnt joint. Here’s what the doctor said regarding this complicated case: “One could say that a miracle happened. Currently, not only the limb’s skin has been restored, but also more than 80% of their primary functions.” Moreover, the doctors managed to save 20% of young man’s eyesight, while it was thought that he would have never be able to see again.

Successful treatment for post-burn victims in IsraelAlmost two years have passed since the tragic events. A.Ch. undergoes a rehabilitation treatment course at his home at Cyprus, and comes from time to time to the Hadassah hospital for the examination in Rehabilitation Unit.

On his last visit he left his review in the iMER guestbook and took a photo with his iMER medical coordinator, Costas, who is currently coordinating the patient’s examination.

We publish A.H.’s letter below here:

Even though I came here in a very bad condition with the danger of losing my life, with the immediate response and the correct operations that doctors took I was able to save my life.

I did faced difficulties but with the cooperation of iMER staff and the doctors I was able to overcome them successfully!

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