Successful surgery for spina bifida

Charming Yaroslava was born with spina bifida. A congenital defect that creates an incomplete development of the neural tube that protects the spinal cord. At age 20 months, Yaroslava had corrective surgery but although there wasconsiderable improvement,the Russian specialists could not correct the developmental disorder entirely. As a result, the function of Yaroslava’s pelvic organs was disturbed.

коррекция спинно-мозговой грыжи

Yaroslava had no chance to attend to school or associate with her peers. Her parents were reluctant to return to the local specialists . They searched for a clinic that could treat their daughter and Nadezhda’s mother contacted iMER. The company’s case manager, Maria Tishkov, showed Yaroslava’s case files to iMER’s medical team and to leading pediatric neurosurgeon of the Hadassah Medical Center, Dr. Moni Benifla and he suggested that the family come for a diagnostic visit in order to determine whether or not another surgery on spina bifida was possible.

In March of 2012 Yaroslava, accompanied by her mother, travelled to Israel where all the diagnostic tests were conducted. The MRI, ultrasound, nuclear renal function scan and others revealed the possibility for surgery. In his diagnostic summary Dr. Benifla, the pediatric neurosurgeon, indicated that corrective surgery for spina bifida needed to be done as soon as possible in order to avoid possible complications which could include paralysis. Here is the letter that Nadezhda wrote after her daughter’s stay:


My deepest gratitude goes out to iMER’s coordinators Lyuba, Maria, Zhenya, Anna and Lea!
Thank you so be much for the support you have shown in my daughter Yaroslava’s diagnostic, for your wonderful and kind attitude!
May God bless you with all the best, strong health and wellbeing; may your company be prosperous!
We are hoping that we will continue working together with you,
Respectfully, Nadezhda and Yaroslava G.

Yaroslava and her mother returned home. Nadezhda, with all the medical files and recommendations in hand, applied to a charitable foundation, requesting to cover the cost of the surgery. Her plea was answered and only four month later, Yaroslava flew to Israel again in order to have a complex neurosurgical procedure to correct her spina bifida..

успешная коррекция врожденной спинно-мозговой грыжи

The surgery removed scar tissue overgrowth and released nerves of the spinal cord and was successful. Yaroslava began to plan her very first day of school.Before traveling back home, Yaroslava left behind pictures she drew for Dr. Benifla and all of iMER’s staff.

успешная коррекция врожденной спинно-мозговой грыжи

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