Successful surgery for re-laparotomy to close a ileostomy – Testimonial of the young patient’s mother

Colorectal anastomsis to address a complication created by a previous surgery on a young child diagnosed with Hirshprung disease

As told by Valla, the Clomid order medical coordinator.

surgery for re-laparotomy to close a ileostomy

Sonia a young child even 5 years old has been challenged by many medical complications – she was born a healthy infant but experienced many incidents of constipation. At first her parents dealt with this matter in a conventional way with different types of teas and enemas, there was no indication that this was a medical matter but at the age of 3 she experienced acute stomach pain which led to a hospitalization. The doctors diagnosed her with Hirschprung disease and they decided to operate.

They removed a major portion of her large intestine and replaced the rectum with a colostoma– to date it is still not clear if this was the correct diagnosis or treatment. Her function was never correct and repeated attempts to close the stoma failed and the baby’s condition deteriorated. She developed peritonitis complicated with diabetes. The child was hospitalized for almost an entire year that included 5 surgical procedures and the removal of almost the entire large intestine. Following each operation she suffered from high temperature and an imbalance of her blood sugar.

The option of coming to Israel held the last chance for this child with a stoma, diabetes and very little remaining large intestine. The Pediatric surgeon, Dr. Vadim Kapuller,  at the Hadassah Medical Center, assessed the situation and decided that he could perform a re-laparotomy surgery to remove the (ileo)stoma. During the operation at Hadassah, the doctors discovered a conglomeration made of scar tissue grown around a foreign object possibly a remain from a previous surgery, it took almost 7 hours to successfully remove this mass surgically.

After the operation this child experienced bodily functions without a stoma – a phenomena that was foreign to her.

Testimonial of the young patient’s mother on the surgery for re-laparotomy to close a ileostomy
Colorectal anastomsis to address a complication on a  young child diagnosed with Hirshprung disease ХХ February 2014 В”We send the iMER team a mammoth thanks for the assistance and all the arrangements for my daughter’s surgery which has completely changed the quality of our lives.
We also thank you for finding a surgeon with “GOLDEN HANDS”
Dr. Vadim Kapuller to treat my baby,
he performed a medical miracle!
…We now know how adoration for a doctor develops…

     Galina, Sonia

Galina, Sonia’s mother, told me that it was a new experience for her to see her child healthy and happy. I pray that in time all of the scars, both physical and emotional will pass. Our hopes are that at age 6 Sofia will be able to participate in normal childhood activities like the first grade with lots of new friends and that she will lose her anxieties when meeting new people, a scar from her former “hospital days”.

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