Successful replacement of a colostomy bag and cancer screening in Israel: testimony by the patient’s spouse

Cancer screening and stoma correction (colostomy bag) in Israel

As told by Ira, iMER medical coordinator


We were contacted byan employee of a small Russian insurance company because her customers required cancer screening to be performed abroad, She investigated various options, including Israel. We accommodated her request andthe clients eventually travelled to Israel where they underwent cancer screening at The Hadassah Medical Center and were satisfied.

The insurance agent was pleased with the quality of the iMER service – travel logistics the, medical testing and support. Satisfied to such a degree that she continued to refer her personal acquaintances to us, and one such referral brought us a patient who also required cancer screening.


After consulting with the oncologist, Dr. Ayala Hubert, our medical experts composed a plan for the cancer screening: PET scan, blood work, pathology… Just a few days later the patient and his wife arrived in Israel. During the testing it was revealed that a colostomy procedure, performed by the patient’s local doctors had left him extremely uncomfortable. The colostomy bag had been improperly fitted. On the same day we arranged a consultation with the Oncology Department nurse Mrs Hedva Alhanani, a specialist in stoma accessories. She offered the patient, a proper colostomy bag and it was installed. Based on the results of the screening an appropriate treatment was recommended.


A few days following their return home, the patient’s wife sent me a letter of gratitude for our help.

Cancer screening in Israel and colostomy bad replacement: testimony by the patient’s spouse
Обследование на онкологию в Израиле и замена калоприёмника стомы: отзыв Thank you, Irina! Happy Women’s Day to you and all iMER girls! I want to thank separately the nurse who took care of my husband’s stoma (I don’t remember her. name) and Vera for her help in buying the accessories! My husband is ecstatic; the colostomy bag stays in place for five days, and he is no longer nervous, began to socialize! Thank you for being there! /em>

М.К. March 2014<


Colostomy bag replacement does not seem to be a life-changing procedure. However, it can drastically improve patient’s quality of life and their outlook!









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