Successful IVF (in-vitro fertilization) in Israel: testimony of a young mother on the efficient fertility treatment

IVF and ICSI in Israel – intracytoplasmic sperm injection


As told by Olga, Kamagra 100mg medical coordinator:

In the end of 2012 the following e-mail message came to us at the Hadassah MC from a woman in Ukraine:

Hello! We have been trying to conceive for three years. We are going to come see you for a medical examination. We would like to be seen by Professor Simon. And we are prepared, if that is necessary, to undergo IVF. We’re ready for travel in early spring. Please let us know all the conditions. Respectfully, A.


Once we got that letter, we sent a request right away to Professor Alex Simon, the head of the In-vitro Fertilization Department in the Hadassah MC, and set up dates for appointments and examinations. In May A. and her spouse came to Israel and began the IVF procedure, coupled with ICSI. It is a rather novel method of extra-corporal fertilization that is used when IVF alone is not sufficient for conception. This method includes injection of a pre-selected viable sperm directly into the egg, preformed by the doctor.


In the Hadassah MC this procedure’s usual success rate is 35% (just as for IVF itself), but in the case of A. and her husband, it was 100% successful. They got pregnant on the first cycle; already in June ultrasonogram revealed a baby! The pregnancy was progressing normally. There were no indications to stay in Israel, and the future parents left for home with detailed recommendations and advice from Professor Simon. And in March I received the feedback letter from A. Though during my time working with patients from many different countries I had already had a chance to receive such letters, I rejoiced as if it were the first time!


Successful IVF procedure with ICSI in Israel: feedback letter from Ukraine
IVF and ICSI in Israel: feedback letter Thank you so much for everything!!! I gave birth on February 12!!! I have a beautiful baby boy!!! I carried him all the way until 39 weeks and 3 days gestation!!! 🙂 Thank you, wonderful Professor Simon, for my son! We named him ! He weighs 3500 g and is 54 cm long. I have just delivered him, so there are no pictures yet! I will be sure to send you some as soon as we take any! And I have another request for you also. My close friend wants to have an IVF performed by Professor Simon!!! I have her test results on hand. Where do we start?”
Respectfully, A. 


Of course it’s a great compliment that A. recommended our specialists to her close friend. Doesn’t that show thar she trusts us wholeheartedly? I think it does!


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Patients’ Stories

This letter was received from a Turkish family who had a child  stricken with a rare skin problem. Local doctors were unable to make a diagnosis nor recommend appropriate treatment. The parents contacted iMER case manager Michael Von Springer seeking help for their child. An initial assessment of the case was made by the iMER medical director Professor Ray Melmed who referred the patient to the Director of the Hadassah Dermatology department Professor Avraham Zlotogorski. Professor Zlotogorsky examined the child and identified the problem.  Successful