Successful breast cancer surgery in Israel : A patient’s story and thank you letter

Post-surgery breast reconstruction and hormonal treatment in Israel

As told by Lyubov, Kamagra 100mg coordinator

It is said that to be in the right place at the right time is a gift. In some cases it is a life-saving gift, especially regarding breast cancer: the sooner the patient contacts a skilled doctor, the better are her chances for successful surgery to remove the cancerous tissue.

Successful breast cancer surgery in Israel

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I would like to tell about one of my patients who came here from Nizhny Novgorod. Together with the iMER medical team I created a treatment plan for her and prepared all the necessary documentation for her breast cancer excision and subsequent plastic surgery to reconstruct the breast. The patient accepted the plan immediately and arrived to the Hadassah MC – the right place at the right time! She had been helped not only by us, the No prescription lasix, but also by our former patients from Nizhny Novgorod: who at just the right time met Lyudmila and referred her to us. We handed her care over to the reliable, miracle-working Dr Carmon.

Diagnostic testing was completed quickly and confirmed indications for the surgery. The surgery was successful; moreover, further testing revealed that the tumor was hormone receptor-positive, and the doctors were able to prescribe hormonal treatment for Lyudmila’s cancer, which is much easier for the body to tolerate compared to chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Following the advice of her friends from Nizhny Novgorod the patient chose Dr Neta Adler to do simultaneous breast reconstruction surgery.



Breast cancer surgery patient’s thank you letter
пластика груди после операции и гормональное лечение рака молочной железы I want to express my eternal gratitude to this land, this city, these people: Lyuba, Leah, Maria, Valya, Irina and many others who met and received me with such kindness, who comforted, supported and assisted me every step of the way. They helped me in every little thing, from the very basics to the treatment, communication with the doctors, medical tests. There were by my side constantly – they went with me to the doors of the operating room and met me in recovery. Once I opened my eyes there, I saw Irina.

My heartfelt gratitude and a bow to honor wonderful doctors Dr Carmon and Dr Adler for the flawlessly performed surgery. I wish health and wellbeing to you all.

I thank the Lord for leading me into this Land, this clinic, to meet these wonderful people!”

August 2013


I am extremely happy that Lyudmila  came here at just the right time. I am not alone – with me rejoice all those people that helped her overcome this serious disease: those in Israel, those in Nizhny Novgorod, and possibly others somewhere else in the world…


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Patients’ Stories

Katya is a 13 months Russian girl. During a routine Ultrasound analysys an abdominal mass was detected, She was diagnosed with Wilms’ kidney tumor and an immediate surgical intervention was recommended. Her parents contacted iMER and she was brought to the Hadassah Medical Center. The affected kidney was removed and the little girl underwent chemotherapy as well, beginning in February 2008. Since then, Katya has recovered as only a new born child can. Lately she was back for re-check and all tests show she is