Second opinion by an Israeli expert – Calcification in the brain

Treatment of Alzheimer’s disease – brain calcification, сorrect diagnosis


My name is Sasha and I have been working at the iMER company for the past three years. I started to work as a logistics expert and I made sure that our patients were provided with suitable living facilities when they arrived in Israel for their treatments. I also coordinated the logistics for their medical consultations. This was a very responsible position but it lacked the personal connection with the patients. I was in constant connection with the Hadassah medical staff as well as the case managers at iMER.

About six months ago my dream came true and I started to work as a case manager and medical coordinator. This letter was sent to me by the daughter of an iMER patient who was seeking treatment for his Alzheimer’s disease. At first glance this appeared to be a “cut and dry case” that only required logistics to make an appointment with a Neurological specialist but following an indepth conversation with his daughter, it became evident that this was not such a simple case. A second opinion was needed in order to receive a more exact diagnosis…


Testimony by the patient’s family – Calcification in the brain – A second opinion by an Israeli expert
Treatment of Alzheimer's disease – Brain calcification and a correct diagnosis “Alexandra – I once again want to thank you for your tremendous assistance that was provided with a loyal and heartfelt approach to my dad and our entire family. I am so happy that we came to you for the second opinion because the treating doctors in Russia told us so many things that included a huge range of prognosis and diagnoses which frightened us and brought us to great distress. It was lifesaving that our friends suggested that we contact iMER as in the past they had excellent experience when their mother was treated at Hadassah for breast cancer. At first I simply didn’t know where to turn – the internet offered many suggestions and I found the name of specialist that I thought was suited to treat my dad – our great luck was that you knew that this doctor dealt mostly with Neuro Oncology and that my dad needed a Neuro Surgeon. We were also happy when told that Dr. Yigal Shoshan could review all of the medical records during the consultation thereby possibly saving us the cost of a separate assessment of the tests. No Alzheimer’s disease was found in my dad’s brain, the diagnosis offered by Shoshan was brain calcification which is also not simple but at least we know how to define our medical challenge. The most important aspect of this story is that Dr. Shoshan told me what tests I should undergo to assess my vulnerability to develop the same condition. I live in Israel with my family and understand the language but even so, without your coordination of my father’s case I know that we wouldn’t have arrived at the right specialist without your navigation. We definitely would not have been able to upload all of his medical records to the state of the art programs at Hadassah – we would have been lost in this huge medical center.I take every opportunity to recommend the iMER company to all those close to us who are in need of medical care
August 2013 N.N.

Sasha adds “Now I really feel that I am helping people and what a great feeling to know that your work improves the quality of life for somebody”



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