Saving a newborn’s leg, deformed by Amniotic Bands

Saving a newborn's leg, deformed by Amniotic Bands Ch. S. is a Cypriot baby boy who was born in the 32nd week by Cesarean section. At the time of birth it was discovered that he required urgent treatment of a severe constriction by an amniotic band that had almost strangled the blood flow and lymphatic drainage from the left foot. It was evident that if left untreated it would lead to the loss of the foot.

The 5 day old baby had a number of deformities due to multiple amniotic bands as well as syndactyly of fingers of his right hand.

The iMER network stretches far and wide – fate would have one of our outstanding plastic surgeons, Dr. Ram Burvin on holiday with his family in Cyprus. The Cypriot iMER agent brought Dr. Burvin to the Neonatal unit where the baby was hospitalized.

He made an immediate assessment of the situation, decided that he could save the baby’s leg by a highly specialized surgery that could be performed in the Schneider Medical Center in Petach Tikva, Israel. Dr. Burvin made a late night phone call to the director of the hospital to review the option of operating on the baby. The director agreed and made arrangements for an incubator in the Neonatal unit, a slot in the operating room and the involvement of a pediatric orthopedic surgeon to become involved in this emergency surgery.

The entire iMER team went into immediate action and they arranged, in just a few hours the Cypriot passport, airplane tickets and the authorization from the Cypriot Ministry of Health to bring the baby for treatment in Israel. This was almost a miracle, since all of this happened on Easter Sunday, one of the holiest days on the Greek Orthodox calendar.

The baby was discharged from the Cypriot hospital and brought to the Schneider Medical Center, accompanied by his Dad and Dr. Burvin, where he underwent a surgical intervention to save his leg.

At the age of 12 days the baby was discharged from the Schneider Medical center and his father brought him back to his mom and grand parents in Cyprus.

His leg was saved and he received optimistic medical advise regarding future treatments.

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