Retroperitoneal tumor: Surgery and recovery – a letter from the patient

Retroperitoneal tumor: Surgery and recovery - a letter from the patientSilvija K. is a 24 years old female, from Zagreb, Croatia. She was diagnosed with a retroperitoneal tumor, and was recommended by her doctors to seek for a second medical opinion. She contacted iMER and the second medical opinion confirmed the diagnosis. She was scheduled for surgery at the Hadassah University Medical Center, in Jerusalem, which was performed successfully. Her recovery was uneventful.

Silvija wrote to us:


My name is Silvija (24). I’m from Croatia, small country in Europe on the Adriatic Sea. In October 2007 I had health examination, same as every year since I started working. I haven’t thought anything’s wrong, but the ultrasound showed that there is some slow-growing process in my abdomen. I don’t know if you can imagine how terrified I was, especially when the doctors after a month of torturing me with examinations told me that the “process” is actually a tumor which cannot be precisely defined, that they haven’t had cases like mine before and that they don’t have a clue how to help me. They suggested me a surgery but they refused to operate and recommend me to look up for a second opinion in foreign hospitals. After several months of searching and consulting with doctors at university clinics in Vienna, London, Basel and Berlin I randomly learned from a girl who had a medical problem that also couldn’t be treated in Croatia because of lack of resources and knowledge so she went to the Hadassah University Medical Center in Jerusalem, which she strongly recommend. She gave me contacts to iMER through which foreign patients are connecting with doctors in Hadassah. I contacted iMER immediately and to my pleasant surprise I got the answer in an hour. That was enough for me to acknowledge that they are true professionals in their field. Very soon I get the confirmation of my accurate estimation. As I was periodically sending certain test results I was getting response immediately.

Finally in May 2008 I arrived to Israel for surgery. I do not know if anyone can imagine how frightened was, practically all by myself in a foreign country where I didn’t know anyone, didn’t understand the language, waiting for a surgery which doctors has characterized as long lasting and very dangerous. But after a few days I realized that everyone has been very friendly to me, very open minded, with a lot of compassion for my situation. People around me weren’t just being nice. I was able to feel that they understand what I’ve been going through. I felt a human touch from total strangers and I’ve made some very good friends who tried to make me feel almost lake home for what I wish to thank them.

Doctors are more than professionals, everyone whom I talk to said that they are probably the best in the word. I have to confirm that, because today I’m a healthy woman. Surgery went through without any complication and so did my recovery. Their professionalism can also be recognized through a strong will of staying in touch with patients after leaving hospital to monitor their further health condition.

And nurses? Well, nurses were real angels.

In the end I have to mention people from iMER. Eight months after the surgery I still have contact with some of them and I hope this kind of relationship will continue in future. They weren’t there for me only as a link to the hospital and before the surgery to guide me through clinics and accompany me to surgeons and exams, but were with me all the way, even when I’ve already arrived home. They were visiting me in a hospital truly trying to make me feel like at home as much as possible.

As Hadassah hospital and iMER as an agency were recommended to me it would be selfish from me if I do not do the same thing and strongly recommend it to anyone who does need medical help. I can assure everyone that the service they provide makes you feel like a patent with dignity or even more like a friend in need.

I have to mention that I’m still keeping the purple teddy bear which was a gift to me from them.


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