Rehabilitation of a patient with 3rd. degree burns in over 70% of his torso and limbs

Rehabilitation of a patient with 3rd. degree burns in over 70% of his torso and limbsD. K. is an 18 year old male from Chelyabinsk, in the Russian Federation, who was involved in a work accident, as a result of which, he suffered from burn injuries over 70% of his torso and limbs. His treatment was sponsored by a foundation in Russia and it was suggested that he come to Hadassah Ein Kerem with the help of iMER.

He arrived in Israel in March 2008 and was taken to a spa for medical treatments in the Dead sea. During his stay he was regularly visited by his iMER coordinator.

He came to Jerusalem for consultations with Plastic surgeons who specialize in this type of massive burn and reparation of the scarred areas as well as with the rehabilitation experts who could assist him with the limbs that were injured by the same accident. Both of his elbows were seriously involved and the scar tissue that resulted limited the movements of his limbs.

The Rehab team worked extensively with Dmitry K., they had him fitted with a CDS elbow brace that allowed full supination and pronation to improve his Range of Movement (ROM). The doctors, together with the team were successful in bringing him to the level of function whereby it is no longer necessary to perform surgery.

D. K. wrote us:

“It was a great month that I stayed in Israel. In a different country, without knowing Hebrew and without any relatives or friends, I didn’t even feel strange. Every single day I felt your support. I felt that I can really rely on Natalia. She was eager to help me in every field where I could need it, and I appreciate it.

“The Dead Sea, hot weather, bright sun, breathtaking views, holy places – Israel is very beautiful and it has an amazing history and I love it.


“Thank you for help. I believe I’ll go back to the holy land.”

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Patients’ Stories

This is a “thank you” letter from the wife of a 69 years old American physician. While Dr. K and his wife were traveling in Egypt, he suffered from acute severe abdominal pain. Shortly after his admission to a local hospital close to Abu Simbel, his medical condition deteriorated. Dr. K.’s medical insurance decided iMER services were the most qualified to take care of this emergency, and decided the patient should be evacuated by iMER Air Ambulance, from Egypt to Israel. Upon Dr. K.’s arrival