Prostate cancer surgery: successful tumor removal through a surgical procedure

A urology patient from Norway seeks medical treatment in Austria


In January 2012, Mr. H.K. was examined by his urologist in Norway and no malignancy was found in his prostrate. A relief but one year later a biopsy showed that he was positive for cancer – a tumor was detected in the patient’s prostate. The tumor had to be surgically removed, but the hospital in Norway could not give the patient a confirmed date for surgery Mr. H.K. was told that he would need to wait two or three months for the surgery.

Although there is an excellent healthcare system in Norway, Mr. H.K. and his family decided to seek medical treatment abroad. The family had examined several options in different countries and because of the expertise of Prof. Herwig decided to come to Vienna. They contacted the iMER Vienna offices and were referred to the Urology specialists from the Medical University of Vienna.

All necessary appointments and preparations were quickly and efficiently carried out by iMER team and in three weeks the tumor in the patient’s prostate was removed by Prof. Herwig. The surgery was performed at the Rudolfinerhaus (Vienna, Austira) a private clinic of the highest international standards. The surgery was successful and the cancer was completely removed. Several days later after treatment and recovery in the Urology department, Mr. H.K. returned to Norway.




All necessary appointments and preparations were quickly and efficiently carried out by iMER team, and in three weeks the tumor in thepatient's prostate were removed by Prof. Herwig. Testimonial: Prostate cancer operationThis is the letter of thanks sent to us by the patient’s son::


Hi Susan

I do not know how i can tank you enough for all your help regarding my father’s hospital treatment.

When my father got his diagnose it was quite rough for us. Especially when he had a Gleason score on 8 (it turned out to be 9…). Due to this, time was essential for us. But not only time – we wanted the best one in the business to take care of him.  Due to your service and Prof. Herwig excellent treatment our lives are much better.

Thank you Susan. Give all my best to Prof. Herwig also. I will never forget what you have done for us.

Br. M.K.

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