Testimonial: endoscopic knee replacement procedure in Israel; fast recovery following surgery.

As told by Maria, iMER medical coordinator:

A personal approach is the calling card of a true professional! The story of my patients, a wonderful married couple from Moscow who came to Israel for endoscopic knee replacement – surgery is a testimony to the fact that behind each medical case is a living person who cannot be treated with cookie-cutter approach.

Once the decision to have knee replacement surgery in Israel had been made, the Zynkovy couple began their search for a clinic that would provide quality treatment and fast post-surgery recovery… It is no secret that many companies who coordinate medical care in Israel have a standard «protocol» for each treatment – a ready-made list of standard procedures that doctors routinely perform. The companies and clinics that Zynkovy contacted first met their request with exactly this kind of ‘cookie-cutter’, impersonal approach and a chilly attitude.

In iMER this type of approach is unacceptable. It is our duty to provide a professional evaluation for each and every case. A patient who comes to have an endoscopic knee replacement is, first of all a person to us, not just ‘another knee’. Of course it is easier to use a «protocol», but this is a matter of our professional ethics.

The Zynkovy couple together with Professor Meir Liebergall from the Hadassah Medical Centre and myself conducted extensive preparation: made dozens of calls, and corresponded through innumerous e-mails. The patients needed to send up-to-date x-rays, to allow the doctor to arrive at final conclusion – whether or not knee replacement is indicated in their case, and to estimate regarding the duration of post-surgery recovery and rehabilitation.

This preparatory stage was comparatively lengthy, but due to this ground work, Professor Liebergall was able to perform the surgery directly on the second day after the patients’ arrival! We also arranged for Zynkovy to receive a discount from the Medical Center! That was no doubt a pleasant surprise, but a lot more pleasant in the end was the extremely fast restoration of the knee joint’s function following the surgery.

Comments left by the grateful Zynkovy couple
Успешная операция по эндопротезированию коленного сустава, быстрое восстановление после операции “We are deeply grateful to the employees of iMER who made sure The Hadassah MC provided us with the most impeccable treatment. 

It’s a wonderful clinic with highly skilled staff; Professor Liebergall is a magician of surgery – and all of that is supplemented by iMER’s highly professional work. Without it, it would not be possible for us to get this treatment (especially since we don’t speak the language).

Special thanks to Lea Lvovich , Maria Tishkov and Irina Jitomirsky , who treat patients’ issues as their own.

E. and V. Zynkovy, Moscow, February 2013

With numerous specific recommendations from the medical team in Israel, Zynkovy returned to Moscow and continued rehabilitation. They wrote to me that heir doctors in Moscow could not believe that barely a month had passed since the surgery. When the Zynkovy had questions, I always assisted them in contacting and consulting with Professor Liebergall. A half year had passed and a few days ago I received a message from Zynkovy, announcing that the knee joint’s function is practically restored in full!

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Patients’ Stories

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