Non medical treatment for depression – TMS Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation in Israel

Magnetic stimulation method as a treatment method in the psychiatric department of the Hadassah Medical Center

The story is related to us by Luba, a veteran iMER case manager

I witnessed how depression can almost destroy a person…

A Russian patient came through iMER to confirm the diagnosis of stage 4 stomach cancer. The diagnosis was confirmed and the Hadassah doctors proposed a chemotherapy protocol to be done at home in Russia followed by radiotherapy at Hadassah.The patient was accompanied by his two daughters who were concerned and hopeful that the combined program treatments would improve their Dad’s condition.

Following a number of months he finished his chemo protocol and returned to Hadassah for his radiotherapy. This visit he came with only one daughter, X. Prior to their arrival, N. sent me a letter: “In 2007 following treatment for Hepatitis C, I fell into a depression and since that time I have been in regular psychiatric treatment which has included a number of hospitalizations in a psychiatric clinic – with no positive effect.In 2011 I was registered as suffering from a chronic disease, a permanent disability characterized by a deep depression with anxiety attacks. My life knows no happiness. In April 2013 a long awaited improvement in my condition occurred but in July my dad was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer the news of which created a regression in my condition. I pray and hope that your doctors will be able to help me…

When the daughter returned to Israel with her dad, I was shocked by what I saw. During their stay in Russia, the depression took such a toll that the results were not only to her psyche but also to her physical appearance. Her speech was effected, her facial expressions distorted and her posture was seriously changed. Her condition was no longer helped by her medications… I contacted Dr. Moshe Isserles from the Psychiatry department and he suggested that X. undergo a new treatment – Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation – for depression which had been recently introduced and found to be effective with depressed patients. He recognized the potential to help X. with this method.

TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation) is the treatment that does not affect body functions and there is no danger of future side effects. Thousands of patients have been treated with this method both in Israel and the U.S. on an outpatient basis, with no need for anesthesia and 60% experienced remission from this difficult disease.

Three weeks of daily TMS treatment and X. returned home. A month later I received this letter from her sister, which thrilled me!!


A letter from patient’s sister: successful non medical treatment for depression
Magnetic stimulation method as a treatment method for depresion Hello Luba, forgive me for the delayed correspondence, I don’t often open my e-mail. Dad is very weak but better. He sleeps almost all day but his appetite is slowly improving. In regards to my sister X. – our happiness knows no bounds when we see her new quality of life (knock on wood). She looks and acts like a perfectly healthy person, the sister we knew before she was stricken and we pray that she will continue to feel well.
Allow me to extend my personal gratitude to you Luba and to all of the other team members for their help, understanding and endless support. It was my great fortune Luba to know you and I will continue to update you – good luck!

M.T. January 2013.



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