Inserting an artificial “voice box” to the patient with a difficult neurological disease

At the end of November 2011 we received a letter with a unique request.
The iMER company was approached by the Oberig medical center in Kiev to help with a patient who was stricken with a difficult neurological disease. His illness prevented him from swallowing and interfered with his speech, his life depended on an intravenous line that administered his medication. The alternative to this awkward arrangement would be to insert a pump to provide him with his medication in place of the intravenous line.
A great deal of logistics were involved to organize the expert team who could address this matter and Dr. Anna Benstein took command. She immediately assessed the situation, found the experts in the field and sent Israel medical team to Kiev to assess the patient and fit him with a pump. The team succeeded with the procedure and left behind a doctor and a nurse to follow-up the patient and guarantee that all was well. The priest was once again ambulatory and could attend services at his church – a function that the i.v. had denied him. The pump system allowed this revered clergyman the freedom to return to full function in the church.

The patient was still unable to speak – a primary tool for a man who’s flock is dependent on his words of wisdom. Christmas was on the horizon and the congregation needed for their annual blessing, traditionally given from the pulpit. The Israel team recognized the patient’s frustration and decided to try their fortune by inserting an artificial “voice box” to the priest’s larynx. The appropriate instrument was available only in Switzerland. They contacted the Swiss representative who agreed to work together with the Israelis and the medical team from the Ukraine as he launched his search for the customized voice box to accommodate this patient. Once the instrument was located, a special request was presented to the authorities to allow the medical team to insert it. The physician and the nurse made a special return trip to Kiev to insert the devise.
The amazing result was that this priest conducted the Christmas service and answered his parishioner’s prayers as he stood on his pulpit and delivered the long awaited blessing – an answer to everybody’s prayers

The management of the Universal clinic “Oberig” expresses sincere gratitude to the team of iMER and personally to Dr. Benshtein  for the coordination of the medical services provided to the Head of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church His Beatitude V.  We appreciate your highly professional medical services and your willingness to assist.  We hope to go on with our successful cooperation.

And this letter had been received a year later:

I want to share with you wonderful news!
Our Blessed metropolitan is walking, travelling by helicopter over all Ukraine, talks very well!
We thank everyone who helped us

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Patients’ Stories

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