High risk pregnancy – Successful delivery in Israel: A patient’s story and testimonial

As told by Vera, iMER medical curator

In the time that I have worked as a medical curator for iMER, I have had the chance to meet many patients and hear many stories. There is always something special and beautiful about the birth of a new person, I feel blessed that my work gives me a chance to help babies come into this world and help mothers maintain hope…

In Uzbekistan, Marina was amazed to receive a diagnosis of “early menopause” which was then followed by another surprise – Marina became pregnant. From the very beginning the pregnancy was regarded as high risk: not only due to the surprise diagnosis, but also because Marina had a serious autoimmune condition.

Marina and her husband assessed their options, packed their bags and travelled to Jerusalem to see us, iMER’s logistics and medical team. Marina had previously sought treatment for her condition here, and now she was totally confident as she knew she could trust the doctors of the Hadassah MC. Her husband was a little nervous , as any dad-to-be , but all of his questions were answered. Marina (with the help of our medical coordinators) had maintained correspondence with Dr. David Mankuta, the Head of labor and delivery unit in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, for many months and he gave her a good prognosis in regards to the delivery, in spite of the high risk pregnancy. He told her that the fetus was developing without any signs of a pathology. The entire medical file, needed for the consultations and delivery had been prepared, thanks to our coordinators and medical consultants.

Three weeks later, during a routine examination, Marina mentioned that although she felt fine in general, her legs were developing severe edema. Dr Mankuta himself took her blood pressure and saw that it was elevated. He recommended monitoring the fetal heart rate (nonstress test). He ordered Marina to stay for 1.5 hours of monitoring. I remained with her, of course: it would be unthinkable to leave a patient alone in a foreign country where she doesn’t speak the language, even if assisted by such a great doctor!…The hour and a half had passed, but I wouldn’t leave until my replacement arrived and stayed by Marina’s side…And the next day I came to work with a festive balloon and congratulations!

High risk pregnancy – Successful delivery in Israel: A patient’s testimonial

“First of all, I want to sincerely thank you, and all of iMER’s staff, on mine and Marina’s behalf, for all your help during our stay in Israel. Every time we come back to Tashkent from the Hadassah MC we don’t just feel infused with health and physical vitality, but also filled with deepest gratitude towards iMER’s entire team and the doctors we meet. iMER’s team amazes me. We have recommended you to our acquaintances numerous times already!

We have already begun to gradually adapt to our life at home, in Tashkent, and Michele is growing and turns more adorable every day!”

Marina’s husband

Marina had caesarian section and gave birth to a wonderful healthy baby girl – a long-awaited daughter, whose birth could not have been possible if the original diagnosis by doctors from Uzbekistan had been correct…


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Patients’ Stories

Mr. I. M., a 53 years old male from Nigeria developed oligo-arthritis involving the right knee and ankle. The knee was swollen, extremely painful and tender to touch. He was unable to move it without severe pain. In need for better diagnose and treatment, Mr. I. M. recurred to iMER, and was derived to the Hadassah Medical Center. Prof. Alan Rubinow, Director of the Reumathology Unit proceeded to examine the patient and finally diagnosed him with gout. An adequate gout treatment solved the problem. Dr.