False oncology diagnosis

false oncological diagnosIt is general knowledge that the most difficult patients are doctors. Irina is a 42 year old female physician from Perm in Eastern Russia.

In December 2011 this doctor became a patient and contacted Olga Gut, an iMER case manager . She forwarded the results of all the tests she underwent in Russia and wanted to redo these tests at “Hadassah” in order to rule out the Russian diagnosis of cancer of the mammary gland and the lung.
Dr. Anna Benstein, the iMER medical consultant reviewed the material and proposed that Irina come to Israel for a thorough investigation of her case. Irina underwent a battery of tests at Hadassah and also presented her biopsy slides for an additional review at the Hadassah pathology laboratory.
Irina had a PET CT at the Nuclear Medicine unit. The results showed that there was no cancer present and that Irina had fibroid adenoma . The oncology consultation was cancelled and Irina was thrilled and relieved as you can see in the following letter that she wrote to iMER.

Dear colleagues, the iMER team and Hadassah staff – a tremendous stroke of luck brought me to Israel. You are all amazing professionals and wonderful people who can be trusted. I was so fortunate to have put my health in your hands.
Olga Gut, Luba Popovsky, Daniel, Leah – you are all masters at your trade!
A special word to Olga Gut, thank you for organizing my first trip to Israel.
Luba Popovsky planned a medical and financial plan that was workable and efficient. Luba is both feminine and competent .
I send my thanks to Dr. Anna Benstein , a true physician and a human being with an amazing spirit who succeeded in dealing with me as a doctor and as a patient simultaneously. Anna, with your assistance I received answers to all of my enquiries and the future now looks clearer.
Prof. Y. Libson is a gifted radiologist who read my x-rays.
From the bottom of my heart, I wish the entire team good health, prosperity, professional success. To you all and to your families – the very best that life can offer.
The Israeli health care is amazing.
Yours, Irina Andreava, Perm 02.11.2011
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Patients’ Stories

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