Exudative retinitis – Coats’ disease: successful termination of the disease in Israel in an ophthalmology patient with ocular pathology

Diagnostis has a paramount significance in modern medicine in general and particularly in the field of ophthalmology. A wrong diagnosis and consequent erroneous treatment can cause lead toirreparable damages – physical, moral and financial.

Following two wrong diagnoses, numerous tests and several months of inefficient treatment, ophthalmologists in Bellarus diagnosed Christina K., a resident of Vitebsk, as afflicted with exudative retinitis, known as Coats’ disease. Since inappropriate treatment had been administered in the early stages of the disease (the doctor prescribed injections ),an initially reversible process progressed to a severe stage of the disease .

A year later, desperate Christina turned to iMER for consultation and a second medical opinion by ophthalmology specialists in Israel. Thanks to the coordinated work of medical experts, iMER logistic service and medical curators, Christina, received the case documentation package with a confirmed diagnosis of Coat’s disease (exudative retinitis) and an invitation to come to Israel for a diagnostic visit with ophthalmologist Professor Y. Hemo

External  retinitis - Coats' disease: successful  termination of the disease  in a patient with ocular pathology Christina began immediate treatment. She went through several sessions of laser therapy that removed the scars on her retina and she immediately felt better. To prevent the disease from progressing, this young lady must periodically repeat the entire course of treatment.

In his efforts to help his patient, for whom financial matters posed a serious problem, Professor Hemo assisted her in contacting his student, practicing in Russia. This helped Christina reduce her medical expenses. Christina is in touch with the doctor in Moscow, but she maintains her hope to raise the necessary funds,( with the help of her friends and charitable organizations), to come to the Hadassah MC and be treated by Professor Hemo again. To continue her treatment in Israel is the only chance Christina has to keep her vision and graduate from the university.

We would like to publish here a grateful note left by Christina in iMER’s guestbook during her latests visit:

February 27, 2013
Dear guys!
Thank you for existing! For your help and kindness!
I express my deepest heartfelt gratitude to Professor Hemo!
Sincerely yours,
The flower is dedicated to iMER’s girls!!!

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