Endometrial Carcinoma – New Diagnosis and Treatment

Larisa is a 64 women from Russia who was diagnosed with endometrial sarcoma – no treatment other than palliative pain killers was prescribed. Her daughter refused to accept this harsh verdict and made a wide investigation of their options. She discovered the iMER company on the internet and the following day boarded a plane to Israel with her mom.

Her first consultation was with Dr. Ben Shoshan who reviewed all of the pathology and then determined that immediate surgery was necessary.The pathology results and the biopsies taken at the surgery showed a new diagnosis – that of Endometrial Carcinoma.

Following the operation, Larisa began chemotherapy and one month into the treatment she showed a marked improvement as her tumor was greatly reduced.

We share with you her comments regarding her experience:

Endometrial Carcinoma – New Diagnosis and TreatmentDue to unfortunate health circumstances, The Lord Almighty brought me to this Holy Land and my faith led me to the iMER company. My doctors at home placed me in the category of being without hope and I was denied treatment or surgery. The iMER company determined my destiny by referring me to the correct doctors who performed a very complicated surgery and offered me post operative treatment – today I am completely happy and living proof that my doctors at home were mistaken!
I do not have sufficient words of gratitude for my doctor, Ben Shoshan, I will always remember him in my prayers.
Now I am writing about my experience with the iMER company and it’s staff. Although I go home tomorrow, I take with me the memories of Luba, Lea, Vera and Yana who became so close to me. I could never forget their attention, care and support in helping me through my difficult situation.

In my 64 years of life I have never met such people – I wish your company a lot of success, prosperity and well-being for all of the people in the world.
Sincerely, Larisa A.
Russia, Kemerovo 02.04.2012

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Patients’ Stories

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