Effective treatment of breast carcinoma: postoperative chemotherapy in Israel

65 year old Natalia, a doctor herself, was operated on in May 2012 in Moscow to remove a breast carcinoma. Her doctors recommended that she start chemotherapy within 6 weeks after the surgery.

Her knowledge of chemotherapy treatments in Russia led Natalia  to seek treatment abroad. After consulting with her colleagues, she decided to receive a postoperative chemotherapy session at the Hadassah University Hospital in Jerusalem.

Natalia’s children could not be with her in Israel for the entire treatment. So, she contacted the iMER company to provide her with its services that include professional coordinating of her treatment as well as providing an escort to accompany her on this challenging medical journey.

Natalia’s letter of thanks is a unique testimonial that includes her expert opinion as well as her experience as a patient:

Good day!

Effective treatment of breast carcinoma: postoperative chemotherapy in IsraelI want to write the words of profound gratitude to the iMER staff, as well as to the directory of the company, who have assembled a team of true professionals. There’s something that me and my fellow doctors call “the disease brought by a word”, when a patient develops symptoms before the final diagnosis is made. But in iMER’s case, the contrary, the stuff heals  with their words! Very attentive, patient, able to listen people, which is very important nowadays. They respond very fast and timely to any request, and every question they try to solve very quickly. Unfortunately, it happens rarely in our lives. I am very grateful to everyone!

My relatives, Sergei and Vladimir Malinov, have been here as well for medical examination. And they also remained very satisfied and grateful for everything.

Thank you very much for solving people’s very important problems in such a difficult period of their lives. I have only one wish- Keep up the good work!

Sincerely- Kartavova N.I.

See you all!

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