Eclampsia and Hemiplegia Rehabilitation

Eclampsia and Hemiplegia Rehabilitation Frequently the iMER Coordinators are moved by medical cases such as this one: a 36 year old woman from Athens, Greece, in the 35th week of her pregnancy, suddenly experienced breathing difficulties coupled with vomiting. Her distressed husband rushed her to the closest hospital in Athens, where she received emergency treatment but despite all efforts, became spastic and lost consciousness. The Greek doctors diagnosed her with eclampsi. She underwent a caesarean section to save her baby and this surgery was followed by two craniotomies to address her cranial hemorrhages. After the interventions Ms Maria R. was shown to be suffering from a serious right side hemiplegia. At this point, the iMER team responded to her husbands plees and took over her rehabilitation process. This is Ms Green’s (iMER patient advocate) report:

“…I have just returned from a very emotional visit to Mrs. R. room.

M. R. arrived for treatment at the Rehabilitation unit in Mt. Scopus, but according to the initial clinical assessment, this case was a total loss and it was suggested that she be sent back to Athens a.s.a.p. She was completely unresponsive to her environment and, other than loud screams, she showed no reactions.

Prof. David Linton (intensive care super specialist) and Dr. Z. Miner (rehabilitation super specialist) took the case with an optimistic attitude, taking the small improvements a day at a time, while showing the Rehab staff that they were not alone in this battle.

Today, almost four full months following her hospitalization, I visited her prior to her return flight to Athens tomorrow morning.

I found her sitting in a chair, her face lit up when Stamatia and I entered the room and she independently picked a cookie from a pastry box, brought it to her mouth and took a bite.

There is no question in my mind that Prof. Linton’s and Dr. Miner’s positive attitude and support to the Rehab team provided the R. couple with a chance for a “normal” family life. If ever we question our jobs and tasks, we need only remember this case to regain our strength.”

Helen Green
Patient Advocate

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