Diagnostic and successful treatment of the vocal cord cancer in Israel: patient’s testimony

As told by Lyuba, iMER medical coordinator

I have worked for iMER practically since the day our Medical Expert Service was founded. What exactly is my job? Well, first of all, listen to a patient with my utmost attention, in order to understand the essence of their medical problem. Then together with our medical consultants I look through all the medical documentation to compose a plan the patient could follow during their stay in Israel, either for diagnostic testing of treatment, and then I take care of all the medical logistics.

It happens that in all these years some patients have contacted me several times – regarding different issues each time. These are exactly the patients with whom I have developed particularly close, nearly familial connections. I want to tell a background story concerning the testimony of one of those patients, who had recently undergone successful treatment of his vocal cord cancer in the University Medical Center of Hadassah..

Diagnostic and successful treatment of the vocal cord cancer in IsraelA few years ago spouses V. and L. were visiting Jerusalem and decided to undergo a general medical check-up in the Hadassah MC. The doctors then reached a positive conclusion about their health conditions, and they left for home. Regretfully, four years later V. returned due to suspected vocal cord cancer. He wanted to go back for repeat diagnostic and, if necessary, treatment, precisely to Hadassah. I was, of course, upset by the sad news, yet truly honored he had decided to contact iMER again. Was that not the proof that the first time we had done a great job??

To correctly diagnose oncologic conditions, including vocal cord cancer, a biopsy procedure is usually necessary. Alas, it confirmed our worst suspicions – a tumor was detected. Radiation therapy was chosen as the treatment approach. While V. and his wife were here, we met almost every day to discuss medical and everyday-living arrangements related to their stay in Israel. Naturally we remained in touch after they had returned home.

Eventually the time came to perform a repeat biopsy to see if the treatment of vocal cord cancer had been effective. Valeriy came alone that time – his wife had to stay home because of work commitments. Unfortunately, this time he did not tolerate the biopsy procedure very well – it was so hard on him that he even ended up in intensive care. Those were the most difficult five days. Naturally, I let his wife know as soon as possible. She was ready to fly over that same day, but I tried my best to talk her out of it. I understood her desire to be next to her husband in that situation, but I also knew very well she would not be able to be right next to him, since she would not be allowed into intensive care unit. We spoke over the phone several times a day and I relayed all the news about V.’s condition.

And our hopes came true: V. regained consciousness! Moreover, the biopsy did not reveal any tumor, which means that the treatment of such a rare condition as vocal cord cancer had been successful! As soon as V. was transferred out of the intensive care, his wife came to Hadassah MC.

The patient’s testimony: Vocal cord cancer treatment

Диагностика и успешное лечение рака голосовых связок: отзыв ““I offer you, Amazingly Skilled Professionals, Hadassah MC staff, my enormous gratitude for your help and support during these difficult moments of my life. We have survived them together, and it helps a person to regain faith in the better tomorrow. Thank you for staying by my side. Wish you prosperity and confidence; you all carry out the most important mission on Earth – give people life. Thank you! Be healthy! Be happy!
With deepest gratitude for your difficult work,
Admire you!
V&L from Russia

For V.’s birthday the couple gave to the entire iMER staff the most delicious chocolate cake! It was a very pleasant surprise from the people that we have grown very close to.


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Patients’ Stories

In the fall of 2012, a letter from Kazakhstan arrived at iMER. In this letter, the son of a military retiree Gali G. was asking for a consultion and medical treatment for his father who had been diagnosed with B-cell lymphoma and urgently required medical care.   As the disease had progressed, the immune system of the patient grew weaker, and the underlying oncological condition led to such complications as severe herpes and varicella. The family decided to minimize risks and chose the Hadassah university