Comprehensive health assessment in Israel and treatment of uterine fibroids: patient’s testimony

Surgery to  remove uterine fibroids, discovered during a comprehensive medical examination

Mrs. A.P.A.,a sixty-six year old Cypriot, came to the «Hadassah» Medical Center in Jerusalem from Nicosia. She was referred to Hadassah by her brother, a doctor himself,  to undergo a comprehensive health assessment.

As told by Shani, iMER medical curator

We received an inquiry from Nicosia regarding a comprehensive medical evaluation. Professor Zvi Gimmon, our company’s medical expert, contacted all the relevant  specialists to develop a plan for a full and comprehensive health assessment.

Mrs. A.P.A. was invited to come to Israel for a week, to be seen by three specialists: Professor Simon from the Department of Gynecology, Professor Chowers from the Ophthalmology department and Professor Anner – a specialist in vascular surgery. The medical plan proposedby iMER was completely to her satisfaction.

Her examinations showed that  Ms.A. had uterine fibroids, also known as polyps. Professor Simon (Gyn) suggested surgery as the most effective  treatment in her case. She agreed to the surgical removal of the fibroids to be done  while in Israel. This procedure involved an overnight stay in the hospital.


The patient’s testimony regarding surgical removal of the uterine fibroids, discovered as a result of a comprehensive medical examination
Лечение фибромы матки, выявленной в результате комплексного медицинского обследования: отзыв 12.01.2014

 I came to Hadassah for a week in order to have a prophylactic check-up with an eye specialist, a vascular surgeon and a gynecologist.

They were all so nice, wise drs and so simple. I’m gratefull to all of them. Prof. Chowers treated my eyes with laser, Prof Anner assured me that there is nothing to worry from leg veins and coronary arteries, Prof. Simon diagnosed an intrauterine polyp-fibroma, and Dr. Ben Shoshan operated (removed). They were both so nice and reassuring.

I am gratefull to iMER’s  people that were next to me all this time,  Sara, Alon and Shani.

A very big Thank you all.”



It was  fortunate that from the very beginning Professor Gimmon had proposed the diagnostic plan so that both the patient and the doctors would have options and flexibility!

The patient was very content with the outcome of her uterine fibrosis surgery, as well as the outcome of another procedure: laser mini-surgery for vision correction, conducted by Professor Chowers, opthamologist. There is fundamental truth in saying that with proper organization, there is always enough time for everything!

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Patients’ Stories

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