Air Evacuation of a patient with a rare Neurological disease

Air Ambulance evacuations: Air Evacuation of a patient with a rare Neurological diseaseAndroulla Ekonomidou


Nicosia Cyprus 14th of September 2008

I would like with this letter and in a few words to thank iMER who supported me during the hardest time of my life.

I was unlucky enough to develop a rare disease and be inducted in the Nicosia General Hospital. 19 Days Later and as I believed that everything was lost for me, I was informed by the neurologist of the General Hospital that I was leaving for Israel. At this point I would like to mention that as soon as my husband was informed on our planned evacuation he received a phone call from iMER in which the iMER people told him not to worry about a thing: “Come to our office and we will arrange everything”. And a few hours later I was in the iMER air ambulance flying to Hadassah Medical Center.

The Doctor on board who was also the Air ambulance Pilot was Prof. David Linton. As soon as I saw him smiling at me, even though I was in a bad condition I felt a positive energy and a sense of confidence that everything will go well.

As soon as I arrived at the Hospital I was expected by the Greek Cypriot interpreter of iMER who stayed at my side from 00:30 till the noon of the next day when my intensive treatment began. At this point I would like to thank especially this person, who for 2 months I was in Israel, she was more than a sister to me and I owe her my gratitude for this.

During the 2 months of my treatment the people of iMER were by my side supporting me psychologically, offered me the information I requested the doctor’s evaluations and helped my husband in what ever we needed.

I would also like to mention to the Mount Scopus Rehabilitation Center where an excellent service and work was conducted by the staff and the special equipment that was available for my rehabilitation.

Finally when I returned to Cyprus, I faced a great Surprise at the Larnaca Airport where I was welcomed by Professor David Linton who was so happy for me that wanted to drive us to our house with his own car.

With this letter I tried in a few words to thank the people of iMER as well as the staff of Hadassah Medical Center in Israel who saved my life.

Thank you

Androulla Economidou

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