Air Evacuation for a patient with spontaneous bladder perforation in Egypt

 Air Ambulance evacuations: Air Evacuation for a patient with spontaneous bladder perforation in EgyptThis is a “thank you” letter from the wife of a 69 years old American physician. While Dr. K and his wife were traveling in Egypt, he suffered from acute severe abdominal pain. Shortly after his admission to a local hospital close to Abu Simbel, his medical condition deteriorated.

Dr. K.’s medical insurance decided iMER services were the most qualified to take care of this emergency, and decided the patient should be evacuated by iMER Air Ambulance, from Egypt to Israel.

Upon Dr. K.’s arrival to the Hadassah University Hospital, he was diagnosed with spontaneous bladder perforation. He underwent a successful operation performed by Dr. E. Landau from the department of Urology at the Hadassah University Hospital.

Thanks to the prompt evacuation, under qualified medical supervision and continuous treatment, together with the superb care provided by Prof. Rivkind and Dr. Landau, the situation changed drastically: in a week time, the patient that arrived fighting for his life, was able to return to California in a regular airline flight.

“In March of 2008 my husband and I were traveling in Egypt when he became very ill and ended up in a very primitive Egyptian hospital. His condition was deteriorating rapidly so we called the air evacuation insurance we had purchased in the US. They contacted iMER who picked us up in an air ambulance accompanied by a physician and EMT from Aswan, Egypt and flew us to Tel Aviv where we were met by an ambulance, still accompanied by the medical personnel and driven to the Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem, where my husband had emergency surgery that saved his life.

iMER assigned a Patient Advocate to me who stayed with me during my husband’s surgery, gave me a cell phone that could be used to reach me by hospital personnel or for me to ask for help. People from the USA could call me on that phone with no cost to me.

She handled getting our baggage to the hotel, which is attached to the hospital, where they had arranged a room for me, brought me food, gave me some Shekels, and showed me where things were located.

When my husband was well enough to go home, the director of iMER personally made the arrangements for us to be flown home business class accompanied by a physician. We did not have to hassle filling our forms or calling our insurance: This was all taken care of by iMER.

We can’t say enough good things about the professional help and care we received. It made the difference between life and death”

Mrs. Julie K.

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