Air Ambulance evacuations: When time is critical, after a motorcycle accident

Air Ambulance evacuations: When time is critical, after a motorcycle accidentMr. T.T. (27 years old, married) from Nicosia, Cyprus, was driving his powerful motorcycle and had a serious accident on October 17th., 2008. He suffered from a serious head injury, fracturing his scull, fractured his left leg in several places and left hand. He was initially resuscitated in the Limassol General Hospital and then transferred to the Nicosia general hospital.

The T. family contacted iMER and a specialist was sent with the iMER Air Ambulance for consultations. Once the patient was relatively stable and a medical plan was established and approved, the Cyprus Ministry of Health authorized the transfer of Mr. T. T. to the Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem for further treatment. The iMER Air Ambulance Service took care of this task. The speed and medical attention during T. T.’s Air Ambulance flight where key in the treatment of his condition.

The Hadassah specialists saved Mr. T. T.’s left leg, treated several infections he had and made serious advances towards the full rehabilitation of Mt. T. T.

Mr. T. T. was flown back to Cyprus, where he is continuing his lengthy rehabilitation.

His family wrote to us:

To: Imer Medical Services

26th of January 2009

Dear iMER Team,

I will start this letter by briefly describing the story of my cousin Tryfonas who had a tragic motorbike accident on 17th of October 2008. He had a severe head injury which left him unconscious as well as a very bad injury on his left leg. He was hospitalized in Nicosia General Hospital and his health was deteriorating hour by hour. We then decided that we wanted a second opinion from doctors from Israel and especially from Dr. David Linton because we heard that he is an expert on these kinds of cases and so we contacted IMER on Sunday the 19th of October to arrange his visit. Everyone in IMER was extremely helpful and with no hesitation or further delay they arranged everything for the doctors to come. Dr. David Linton as well as 2 other specialists flew to Cyprus on Sunday the 19th of October to examine my cousin and to suggest what the best treatment was.

Our wishes were for my cousin to be transferred to Israel and specifically to Hadassah University Medical Center with an air-ambulance in order to provide him with the best possible treatment.

Unfortunately due to the bad condition of his head injury the doctors could not move him and they suggested that we wait 2-3 days for him to be more stable. The next couple of days were a living hell since we started losing hope and we believed that he was not going to make it.

On Wednesday the 22nd of October we contacted IMER again to inform them that T. was not doing so well and that we needed their help once again. IMER once more arranged everything to the detail and on Wednesday night my cousin was on his way to Israel with an air-ambulance. All our hopes and prayers were on that plane. Family and friends said goodbye to T. with a secret fear that this was the last time we were going to see him.

Upon his arrival at Hadassah he received the best attention possible. Doctors started doing more tests, changing treatments, changing medication in order to stabilize his condition. He had an urgent surgery on his head which apparently is the one that eventually saved his life.

Words cannot describe the efforts that all the doctors and nurses did in order to save his life. We owe a very special thank you to Dr. Linton who for the entire time that my cousin was in Israel he was constantly on his site, he was his guarding angel. We believe that if it weren’t for Dr. Linton my cousin will not be alive today.

No one expected that after 3 months of treatment in Israel he was going to return home in such condition. He is not 100% back to his self before the accident but nobody expected him to do so well. In our eyes what happened in Israel was a miracle and we will always be grateful for that.

It is extremely difficult, if not impossible; to express our gratitude for everything the IMER team did for my cousin T. and for the whole family. I think I speak on behalf of everyone in the family when am saying that words cannot describe the feelings of someone who experiences the agony and fear of losing a loved one and eventually his life is saved. I sincerely believe that if IMER did not exist then by cousin would not me here today.



Yours truly,

D. T.

On Behalf of  T. T.’s family

Temporary epilogue: T. T. is back in Cyprus, improving day to day. And the best news are that his first son was born, a baby boy!. Our respectful congratulations to the whole family.,

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