About iMER Austria

The iMER office in Vienna makes an expert European medical tradition available to patients around the globe. iMER Austria GmbH gives specialized help to patients with complex medical challenges which require best medical treatment and multidisciplinary medical expertise of highest level.

iMER medical treatment inAustria about Vienna officeIn 2007, the European Health Consumer Index ranked Austria as being Europe’s most consumer-friendly healthcare system, making Austria a popular destination for medical tourism and medical travel. Patients from around the world, will travel to receive the finest level of healthcare since it is widely known that the hospitals and doctors in Vienna provide patients with one of the most advanced medical services available.

iMER – International Medical Evaluation and Referral was founded in 2005 and has gained immense knowledge in creating an individual medical plan for each patient by recruiting world-class medical experts to provide the best medical solution possible. We assist our patients to define their health challenges and we offer a complete care program in Austria, tailored to the needs of each individual patient. Our logistic team organizes all the necessary arrangements to make your visit as easy and efficient as possible. On your arrival to Austria, you will receive medical translation during your consultations and your documents will be translated. In the event that an air evacuation is required, iMER will provide a fully equipped,highly specialized air ambulance manned with an expert Emergency Care crew.

We work with the finest medical specialists and senior researchers who are affiliated with state of the art medical institutions and world renowned centers of academic medicine.

iMER Austria GmbH is a medical center of excellence that collaborates with the leading Hospitals in Vienna to provide academic medical services. Our medical partners are:

    • Medical University of Vienna (also known as AKH – General Hospital Vienna)
    • SMZ Ost – Donauspital
    • SMZ Sued – Kaiser Franz Josef Spital
    • Confraternitaet (Private Hospital Josefstadt)
    • Rudolfinerhaus (Private Hospital)
    • Wiener Privatklinik (Private Hospital)

      iMER Austria offers the following services of medical evaluation and referral :

      >> We contact and consult with renowned medical specialists from AKH General University Hospital in Vienna.
      >> We offer the most precise medical evaluation and provide you with the finestmedical services .
      >> We will plan your medical consultations and treatment and estimate its cost.
      >> We will take the lead in your case management and coordinate all logistics of your medical plan..


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      Patients’ Stories

      Diagnostis has a paramount significance in modern medicine in general and particularly in the field of ophthalmology. A wrong diagnosis and consequent erroneous treatment can cause lead toirreparable damages – physical, moral and financial. Following two wrong diagnoses, numerous tests and several months of inefficient treatment, ophthalmologists in Bellarus diagnosed Christina K., a resident of Vitebsk, as afflicted with exudative retinitis, known as Coats’ disease. Since inappropriate treatment had been administered in the early stages of the disease (the doctor prescribed injections ),an initially reversible