The modern medical care segment offers cure and treatment in many new disciplines and areas which require focused knowledge and expertise by super specialists. Patients often suffer from multiple problems which require the attention of several super specialists in order to reach a medical opinion and cure plan. These super specialists in many cases reside and work in different locations, and sometimes in different time zones.

We at iMER handle and treat such cases. In order to simplify the processes we have developed a Telemedicine system which enable efficient handling of the Medical Case Management..

iMER developed its Tele-Medicine software application –  iPMS™ (iMER Patient Management System). This smart web-based “medical case management“ application enables our team to manage any case in the most efficient manner, and to get a super specialist opinion and inter discipline experts consensus in almost a real time basis. The experts will be able to consult, support and add value to the medical processes with no boundaries of time, geography, or any specific technology requirement.


While our system utilizes the most advanced technologies and smart algorithm to speed up the process, have an efficient “medical case management” and secure the patient’s personal data. The advantages and benefits to the patient are with highest values –

  • Save time – Faster process of analysis and referral to cover all patients medical issues and aspects.
  • Save money – Efficient handling of the patients Medical Case Management will reduce medical expenses associated with case evaluation.

Our web based open architecture technology offers an end-to-end digital workflow process. We provide a full DICOM archiving and image distribution interfacing with digital modalities and any standard web browser anywhere and anytime to create a fully digital and paperless environment. Our system enable high quality follow on support of our patients after their return home as well as central and confidential medical history storage!

referral tools

Referral Tools

One of the most challenging steps in medical case management is to ensure the right expertise is coordinated and integrated to the process. For this we need the optimal match between known diagnosis and the right super specialist with the exact expertise. iMER developed and implements a sophisticated we base dynamic BI (Business Intelligence) and Data Mining tools to create dynamic medical super specialists Data Base and referral tools. The iMER referral data base can match super specialist medical expert to any known medical problem with high quality updated data, fast response and easy to use tools.

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Patients’ Stories

Marat Gainullin arrived in Israel confined to a wheelchair. His colon was almost completely obstructed by colorectal cancer. Treatment was urgently required. Doctors in Bashkortostan  advised Marat Gainullin to undergo the surgery in Israel .  Howeverwhen the Israeli oncology specialists assessed his condition, it was determined that the colon cancer had progressed to a stage where surgery was not  recommended.   Doctor Igor Nemirovsky, the leading oncologist of the Moshe Sharett institute in the Hadassah Medical Center, examined the patient and determined Marat’s condition to