Ask an Expert

Ask an expertiMER unique value proposition will provide you with a top super specialized medical expert opinion on any medical issue.

iMER uses its iPMS™ (Tele-medicine web based state-of-the art software platform), extensive knowledge base and smart expert dynamic data base (iDOCTOR™ – iMER proprietary medical experts data mining tools) under its own unique operational methodology to provide you with the following three layers of medical opinion:

  • iMER Medical first assessment – a quick response (usually within minutes to hours) that can give a first direction and a general idea how to proceed, how to prioritize with a medical issue.
  • iMER formal medical second opinion – A formal branded and signed medical opinion. This formal response usually combines all historical medical information relates to the case with multi discipline medical team lead by the super specialist medical coordinator. Such second opinion can be used as a referral document to a medical institution or a reference document for the insurance company. In many cases such report will be provided with a video conference as a complementary component to the formal letter.
  • iMER Medical plan – Step by step plan which define the frame work of the plan as well as the various experts that will be involved in the various aspects and angles of the medical process.

iMER emergency air evacuation plan

When iMER medical team identify an urgent evacuation is required, iMER will add an emergency evacuation process that will follow the highest standards and will integrate all parameters to ensure a successful door-to-door evacuation. iMER will coordinate all aspects of the provision of a safe, reliable air-ambulance service.

While following top knowledge, and highly sophisticated technology iMER will ensure patient confidentiality is respected and protected by computer data protection system and special purpose unique patient login identification sub-system.

Ask an Expert

iMER will identify the most suitable super specialist abroad for referral of complex medical problems. iMER will take full responsibility on coordinating treatment abroad, getting MOH approval, and logistics of travel arrangements

iMER is able to put you in touch in the shortest time with experts in any super specialist disciplines.

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Patients’ Stories

A urology patient from Norway seeks medical treatment in Austria   In January 2012, Mr. H.K. was examined by his urologist in Norway and no malignancy was found in his prostrate. A relief but one year later a biopsy showed that he was positive for cancer – a tumor was detected in the patient’s prostate. The tumor had to be surgically removed, but the hospital in Norway could not give the patient a confirmed date for surgery Mr. H.K. was told that he would need