Air Ambulance Q&A

Is there a medical team that escorts the patient in a MedEvac?

The iMER Aviation Medical Director will review the case in real time, and decide upon the size and composition of the medical team that will escort the patient during the MedEvac.

The airborne medical flight crew usually includes:

  • Two Pilots trained in air ambulance operations.
  • A flight physician who is a Specialist in the patient’s injury or illness, and trained in air ambulance activities.
  • An Intensive Care Nurse or Flight Paramedic trained for airborne care of patients.
  • All iMER Air Ambulance flight crew members have completed courses, accredited by the Ministry of Transport, to treat patients during flight.
  • A reassurance to the quality of our MedEvac services, is that Prof. , the iMER Academic Medical Director, is the head of the Israeli accreditation program for airborne medical doctors, nurses and paramedics.

What kind of equipment is available on iMER Air Ambulance?

iMER Air Ambulances have:

  • Lifeport stretchers with built in electrical power supply points, oxygen and compressed air supply points
  • Stretcher Units with loading ramps for ease of loading and unloading patients on life support systems.
  • Emergency resuscitation equipment.
  • Additional life support equipment and any specialized equipment, according to the patient’s needs, is available from the University Hospital.
  • The iMER Air Ambulance can be equipped as a flying Intensive Care Unit, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, as required.

How long will it take until the Air Ambulance will arrive?

The factors that may influence the time for the Air Ambulance aircraft to arrive for the MedEvac include:

  • Administrative aspects e.g. passport or travel permits; visa (iMER will help you in the procedures to get a visa);
  • Medical reports and discharge authorization from the referring institution,
  • Acceptance at the receiving hospital; facility (iMER can help with these arrangements);
  • Financial commitment, etc.

Once all the above mentioned procedures and authorizations are solved, the iMER Air Ambulance will be flying within 3-4 hours from the final time of approval of the flight.

Who will check the patient’s condition before the flight?

An iMER Aviation Medical Specialist will evaluate the patient before the flight, and only after the iMER Specialist considers the patient fit for flight in the air ambulance will the MedEvac be authorized.

The iMER Specialist will discuss the case with the patient’s referring and receiving physicians in order to determine the best conditions for the patient’s travel by road and air ambulance.

The iMER Specialist may state special conditions for the flight e.g. in some cases he may limit the altitude for the flight, so that the cabin can be kept at the same altitude from which or to which the patient is flying.


Is it possible to have a physician evaluate the patient’s condition before the flight?

Yes, of course. In case the patient and/or his family will request so, iMER will bring a specialist to check the patient at home and then decide if he is fit to travel abroad for treatment.

Is there a stretcher on the iMER Air Ambulance?

The iMER Air Ambulance is equipped with all equipment necessary for the safe travel of the patient – from a stretcher with Oxygen to a fully equipped airborne Intensive care Unit.

How many relatives can join the patient during the Air Evac?

The number of relatives flying with the patient depends on the type and size of the special equipment necessary to support the patient during the flight and the size of the escorting Medical Team.

iMER always provides for at least one relative to fly with the patient.

An additional relative may be able to join the patient, on the basis of available space.

However, the size and weight of the patient’s and accompanying relatives luggage is always limited to 2 cabin sized (hand luggage) bags with maximum weight of 10 kg each.

Will there be someone speaking my language on the iMER Air Ambulance?

iMER will ensure that there will always be at least one person of the Air Ambulance Team on board who will speak the patients language, to ensure a safe and comfortable flight.

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Mr. I.P. is a 49 years old male from Romania. In July 2007 he suffered a Right Hemispheric Ischemic stroke, due to severe large vessel arteriosclerosis. In a local hospital in Romania he was examined by CT and an angiography, showing bilateral Carotid occlusion. The company he works for contacted iMER and his case was referred by Dr. Roni Eichel, of the Dept. of Neurology to Prof. Jose Cohen, a world renowned specialist in Neuro Surgery, both of the Hadassah Medical Center. At his arrival
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