Hadassah Medical Center is glad to announce the launch of Check-Up in Israel – a full medical examination of the patient that only takes 3-4 hours. Now available in Tel Aviv!

The world-famous Hadassah University Clinic that is located in two campuses – in Ein Kerem and Mount Scopus (both in Jerusalem) – has an additional clinic, since a couple of months ago, in Tel Aviv.

It is universally acknowledged that good health is a necessary component of a high quality of living. This is not so easy, however; i.e. to maintain a good level of health given the conditions and strain of modern reality. Career growth, professional development, marital status and leisure hours – all these consume time and force you to maintain a tight schedule. It is important to not forget that the basis of optimum living is based on excellent health.

This full examination of patients at Hadassah is called “Check-Up in Israel”. It allows you to focus on the issue of constitution and a high grade of living and it’s only a few hours of your personal time. The latest medical equipment allows for the most modern tests and analyses to be conducted, combined with the consultation from the best specialists in Israel. You are only required for a few hours on a date that is of your choice. This allows you to return to your work, family and leisure, promptly, with a calm heart.

The modern Check-Up is extremely important for early diagnosis of a variety of pathologies. In fact, even oncological diseases can go undetected without an obvious, gradual deterioration; the illness can imperceptibly proceed to an irreversible stage. A full-fledged Check-Up in Israel is a guarantee in preventing such unfortunate situations.

The services provided by Hadassah, the mother of all Israeli medicine, could had only be obtained in Jerusalem, on campuses located in Mount Scopus and Ein Kerem; that is until the past year. Nevertheless, Hadassah does not stand idle and understands the needs of people who demand a high-quality level of medicine. Therefore, the hospital’s administration decided to set up a third branch; this time in Tel Aviv. Today, the Tel Aviv campus, located next to the Israeli diamond stock exchange, offers only Check-Ups but this is just the beginning. We are looking forward to developing our services in the near future.

As part of the full-fledged diagnostics (Check-Up), we are making a comprehensive series of tests for early detection of factors that precede the follow diseases (amongst others):

  • cardio-vascular system’s problems
  • oncology
  • kidney and liver problems
  • bowel illness
  • lungs problems
  • gynecology and urology problems
  • skin diseases
  • eyes, ears and throat problems

Check-Up in Israel makes it possible to diagnose and make an early detection of dangerous diseases that can critically affect life’s quality.

Two modern facilities – “Hadassah Ein Kerem” in Jerusalem and “Hadassah” in Tel Aviv – allow to spend 3 to 4 hours for a full study of your health’s condition.

The facilities are designed for comfort, they are elegant and the atmosphere is pleasant. The high level of professionalism of Hadassah’s team is combined with the most modern and powerful diagnostic equipment in order to provide our patients all medical services at the highest level internationally.

Check-up at the main medical center of Israel , Hadassah, has been practiced for more than 50 years.

The cost of Check-Up at Hadassah University Hospital is the most attractive in Israel. In addition to medical facilities, there are luxurious bathrooms with showers and facilities for VIP-clients. We also offer a rich breakfast to our patients.

 Check-Up at Hadassah-Medical, Tel Aviv

Check-Up service is located in the business center of Israel, in the “Beit-Gibor Sport” building near the Ayalon highway. The medical facility is equipped with innovative diagnostic and therapeutic medical equipment.

Initially, the project was created for VIP-clients only, therefore it combines convenient access roads (to pass along the Ayalon highway or walk distance of few meters from Tel Aviv railway station). Here you will find a comfortable waiting room, comfortable physician’s offices, VIP rooms, showers and a cafe where you can have an amazing breakfast.

The prices for a check-up in Hadassah-Medical do not differ from those in Jerusalem’s campuses – they are remarkably lower than in any clinic in Israel.

Preventative medicine in Israel – for a calm life

Check-Up at Hadassah offers you:

  • All knowledge, skills and professional experience of the best doctors in Israel
  • Several packages of procedures that can be customized to each individual’s needs
  • More in-depth diagnostics in selected areas of medicine, in addition to yearly tests (per request of the client)

And all of these in just 3 to 4 hours at a single location.



Diagnostics Check-Up №1


Check-Up №2


Consultation with a therapist

Dr Yitzhak Baraly 

– Diagnostic appointment

– Initial inspection

– Patient’s history



Blood tests


– General and differential

– Liver analysis, hepatocellular and cholestatic (alanine aminotransferase, AST, GOT, bilirubin, phosphatase, GGT)

– Albumin, blood protein, LDH, glucose, triglycerides, lipid profile (cholesterol, LD cholesterol, HD cholesterol)

– Kidney function: urea, creatinine, PSA (for early detection of adenoma and prostate cancer)

– C-reactive protein

– HIV virus (optional)

– Vitamins D and B12

– Thyroid hormones



Additional tests Based on the primary diagnosis received from the therapist, the patient is referred to proceed with additional tests.

For example, hemoglobin a1C, TSH (thyrotropin).



General urine analysis – pH index

– Erythrocytes, leukocytes

– sugar and protein

– nitrites, ketones, bile pigments

– Microscopy



Fecal occult blood

For early detection of colorectal cancer, is performed in accordance with the other tests results and anamnesis (per physician recommendation)



Hearing screening

Discrimination and lower hearing threshold (SRT)



Ophthalmology screening

Dr Shtrasman

fundus, intraocular pressure and visual acuity



Lung function




Cardiology screening

Dr Admon

ECG and ECG with load (ergometry)



Mammography For early detection of breast cancer



Ultrasound of the breast tissues



Individual tests and screening in accordance with patient’s age, heredity and past history

Prof Bjijinsky

– A detailed examination of the gynecologist

– Palpation of breast by surgeon

– PAP Smear for  early diagnosis of cancer

– Gynecological ultrasound




1500 $

2000 $


Prof Ingberg

Not always on the day of treatment

Additional 150 $


Additional Check-Up procedures (can be added to any package at a reduced price)

Virtual Colonoscopy Non-invasive, for early detection of cancer
Virtual coronary angiography CT of the heart, non-invasive examination of the heart, which gives an internal picture of the vascular system
CT of thorax For smokers and those who quit smoking

Of carotid arthery

Ultrasound Abdominal aorta
Laser vision correction Laser vision correction in Hadassah Optimal
Nutritionist consultation

Per request of the patient or on the advice of a doctor


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