Frequently Asked Questions


What is iMER?

iMER is an international medical service provider that offers professional comprehensive medical services to patients around the globe, assessment and a treatment plan and will refer the patient. iMER provides best in class assessment, medical plan and referral to the best medical centre available.
We will assess the overall medical status and tailor a plan that relates to your location, budget and all relevant parameters to provide you with the optimal medical solution for your condition.

How will iMER help me?

iMer can assist you in many ways by providing:
1. Second Medical opinion. In the event that an initial diagnosis is confirmed, iMER will present your medical records to a world renown specialist in the field to assess and offer an official medical opinion .
2. First Medical Assessment. A professional medical evaluation will be made to define a medical plan. The family is then equipped to decide upon the next step.
3. Medical Plan, An itemized personal medical plan can be developed with full explanations of its content and the professional reasoning behind it.
4. Emergency Evacuation: iMER can provide you with immediate emergency treatment and evacuation by sending an air ambulance to your location. This aircraft will arrive with a full medical crew, trained to use its state of the art equipment and provide care within the unique conditions of air evacuation.

Who will provide the Medical Second Opinion?

iMER works with internationally recognized specialists in the medical world to provide you with the finest Second Medical Opinion.Our doctors are widely published specialists in their field and are staff members of top-level medical institutions.The Second Opinion will clearly reflect the professional process of international networked consultations.


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What is a “Medical Evaluation”?

This is the first and most important step to your recovery.

An iMER super specialist will perform a detailed evaluation of your medical condition, based on the available medical information. They may request additional information and tests, and in some cases, it may be necessary for the patient to come to one of the iMER partner clinics for additional tests, as necessary to complete the medical evaluation. This complete medical evaluation will be the basis for the Medical plan that we will prepare and submit to you, detailing all steps and procedures recommended for your case.



What kind of Medical treatment will iMER provide me?

iMER is only the coordinator and facilitator of your medical case. iMER will make sure you get the most advanced medical treatment, not available around your location. We will find for you the best overall solution that fits your medical case and personal needs – and help you get it. We provide you with reduced Waiting Lists, six stars service and access to treatment in an effective time.

What is our Medical assessment?

The iMER Medical assessment begins with a review of the medical history and available medical information about the patient. Our super-specialists may agree (or disagree – our statistics shows that this happens in some 30% of the cases!) with the previous medical evaluations, and their evaluation will be the basis to prepare a detailed medical plan.

Are there any medical issues iMER does not address?

iMER will deal with all medical issues and will find the institution and specialized team to offer the optimal solution to the challengewhile taking into account the patient’s requirementsand needs.

What is the cost ?

The entire cost will depend on the type of procedure and what it includes. No expenses will be incurred without the full knowledge and agreement of the patient and his family(sponsor). A detailed price quote is provided and adapted to include or exclude items incurred during the medical plan. iMER costs are competitive to Western European
health costs and even more attractive than the cost of American health care.

Method of Payment

Full payment allows for the beginning of the medical plan and we offer a variety of payment methods.

  • Cash
  • Credit card
  • Wire transfer
  • Commitment of an Insurance Company we partner with
  • Commitment of your government
  • An iMER recognized sponsor

Health care costs

The iMER medical specialists will propose the best medical solution available. This proposal may not always appear to be the “cheapest” course of action but you know that your choice will offer you the finest health care solution available to address your medical challenge.



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