iMER History

iMER was conceived in 2004 by its four founders with the vision to create a professional platform that will assist individuals to bridge the gap between their medical problem and top academic medical specialists and state-of- the-art medical technology. In launching its operation the iMER team defined, designed and developed its own web-based software platform – iPMS™. This tele-medicine platform enabled iMER to offer a highly secured and, cost efficient on-line medical record management and Tele-Radiology platform. This software enabled iMER to be an efficient service provider and offering real-time value to every patient – often making the difference between medical success and failure and between life and death.

During 2005 iMER was most active in the Balkan geography and gained market respect with an excellent reputation in many life saving missions. Towards the end of 2005 iMER launched operations in the former Soviet Union countries and set up its offices and partners network in these countries.

In 2006 iMER launched its formal cooperation with professional aircraft operators and leased a dedicated air ambulance which enabled the iMER team to offer a flying ICU to ICU service (Intensive Care Unit) for the most critical cases as well as the first mother and child flying incubator. Currently we are operating a jet that can fly between Moscow to Tel Aviv or from Baku to Vienna in few hours.

In 2007 iMER broke its record and managed more than 1,000 cases in one year. During this year we launched our service monitor as a new feature in our iPMS™. Our service monitor enables the service team to maintain a service level according to a framework which is continuously measured. For example each regular request received before noon time will be handled within a window of four hours.

2008 was the year we launched the iMER Card™ – a new medical service card with a medical chip integrated. This smart card allows us to offer to each iMER patient a carry in a pocket solution for all his medical history. We in iMER believe that this technology will lead us to the future with various technology implementations for urgent matters as well as for preventive health care.

During 2009 we opened our office in Kiev, Ukraine. Our local presence in Kiev enables us to be in close touch with our Ukraine medical partners and give patients a better service. We used this presence to perform some life saving missions, during one of them we used our “mother and child” flying incubator to save a pre-mature 650 gram baby born in Odessa.


In 2010 we launched a new partnership and new and faster jet air-ambulance – A Citation SII 551 fully equipped and customized. This new air ambulance together with our new office in Moscow provide iMER to offer any patient the highest medical coordination in the shortest window of time

In 2011 we launched iMER in Austria. Our office and team in Vienna works with with MUVI (Medical University of Vienna International) enhancing our portfolio with leading medical care services in the EU. We offer the high level care of the medical university of Vienna together with the sophisticated  infrastructure with the proximity that Vienna can offer to our international patients.

In 2012 Viola Private Equity Group joined iMER with a $7,000,000 investment . . The Viola fund invests in both private and publicly traded businesses who have growth potential. Viola PE is part of Viola Group that manages almost $2 billion in assets.

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Patients’ Stories

Chronic myeloid leukosis: chronic phase treatment by bone marrow transplantation surgery. I want to tell the story of my own child, whom we brought to Israel for bone marrow transplantation surgery to save him from myeloma bone disease. He was accepted for treatment by the Hadassah MC and received bone marrow transplant for the diagnosis of chronic myeloid leukosis. The child first developed this illness almost three years ago (when he was 4). His body temperature began to spike randomly, he became sluggish; this went