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What is iMER?

“iMER” stands for International Medical Evaluation and Referral. We are an independent, global  medical services provider. We, at iMER provide a professional framework of comprehensive medical services, for patients around the globe.

What is iMER?

What does iMER mean to you?

  • If your doctors have difficulties to correctly diagnose your condition.
  • If you are looking for a Second Medical opinion from the top experts.
  • If your condition requires a specific treatment that is not available in your country.
  • If you want to have access to the most advanced medicine available in the World.
  • If your medical problem requires a multi discipline approach and a professional medical and logistic coordination.
  • If you need an urgent medical evacuation to a specialized intensive care unit or top academic hospital.

If any of the above applies to you or anyone dear to you, we at iMER will provide a solution that fits your needs:

  • iMER will find the better medical institution anywhere in the world,  to  diagnose your condition
  • iMER will provide you with a Second Medical Opinion by globally acclaimed leading professionals in the corresponding field
  • iMER will search and find the most adequate Medical Institution capable to treat your condition
  • iMER will do all of the above, to meet your requirements and budget.

How does iMER work?

Highest professional standards and International Recognition

iMER works to the highest professional standards. iMER is a recognized health service provider by Health authorities of the countries from where patients are referred and, as well as by major insurance companies, big corporate, charity funds and more.

Highest available technology

We use our self developed modern Tele-Medicine technology, Video conferencing and virtual flow management of each medical case. iMER professionals can access the patients files from anywhere in the World and can provide worldwide consultations for the best resolution of each case.

Air Ambulance – Medical Evacuation

iMER provides customized 24×7 air ambulance for ICU-2-ICU urgent evacuation.


Adequate treatment program,  to meet your  needs

We provide a transparent, comprehensive, medical evaluation and referral service where each patient’s management program is finalized, priced and mutually agreed to by the parties before the process starts.
iMER offers a complete care program for all patients. This includes translation, visa and security arrangements, help  upon arrival  to, and departure from country of destination . We also take care of the accommodation, scheduling of appointments, as well as accompanying the patient and interpreters, where necessary, to facilitate consultations, tests, etc.

Collaboration with patient’s physicians at home

We work closely with the home treating physicians. iMER aspires to be considered a partner in the patient medical management and with the patient’s physician at home.

We  provide an unequaled service to participating physicians to facilitate the efficient handling of consultations.

What is Medical Case Management?

Medical case management is a collaborative process to facilitate and optimize medical evaluation and referral for consultations, special investigations and treatment plans which are recommended to iMER patients and their families. Medical case management is specifically geared towards the early development of an accurate differential diagnosis and planning of efficient synchronized consultations.

After confirming an accurately refined diagnosis, the best possible medical care is implemented in the most suitable institution.

How does it work?

iMER provides the complete Medical Case Management. This process is orchestrated by a professional medical case manager with the full support of a state of the arts computerized system. The following list shows a typical process.

1. Collecting patient’s medical data. The patient will provide iMER with general demographic details and all previous medical information available to him. All previous radiology images will be uploaded to the system via iMER’s tele-medicine platform, allowing our medical manager to access the updated medical information.
2. Initial medical assessment. When the relevant medical information has been collected and uploaded, our medical director will provide an initial assessment that will address the following top level issues:

  • Urgency of the case.
  • The expertise required to arrive at a differential diagnosis.
  • Short term recommendations for evaluation and referral.
  • Referral for medical consultation and investigation steps.

3. Second Medical opinion. If the patient or family seek a second opinion from a specialized multi discipline medical team – iMER will co-ordinate a non-biased Second Medical Opinion offered by the finest available specialists in the field. A formal report will be issued to support or reject a suspected diagnosis and/or treatment previously proposed to the patient.

4. Medical evaluation plan. If there was not a consensus with the original diagnosis and treatment plan, a medical evaluation plan will be proposed. The evaluation plan will include:

  • Step by step proposed plan.
  • Data relating to the medical experts recommended for consultation and the institution where they work.
  • iMER will provide a financial framework as well as complementary terms and conditions for the plan.

Medical Evaluation5. Coordination of a patient’s visit. When the medical evaluation plan is accepted by the patient, the iMER team will organize the required logistic process, including but not limited to:

  • Admission to the required medical institution.
  • Organize all needed tests .
  • Coordinate appointments with all the relevant medical experts.
  • Coordinate all of the proposed medical facilities and backup team.

6. Logistic support for patients visit. The iMER team will assist the patient and the family with all the logistics needed, including but not limited to:

  • Emergency evacuation by air ambulance if required.
  • Assistance with all travel documents and any other permits required.
  • Arrangements of accommodations and transportation as needed.
  • iMER will provide translation from the patient’s mother tongue to the language of the Institution or specialist involved.

7. Escorting patient during the logistic process. iMER’s patient advocate team specializes in escorting patient and their families during their consultation or stay in the hospital:

  • They will guarantee that the process is well prepared.
  • They will address unforeseen events with a professional reply on the spot.
  • They will provide translation for the patient and the family as required.
  • Offer continued emotional support.

8. Follow-up support. As the patient is discharged from the hospital, the iMER patient advocate will ensure that:

  • A medical report is provided by the institution or physician outlining the admission, progress and suggested further treatment and follow up.
  • The patient and family will receive answers to questions and concerns, and he will provide a point of contact for any future clarifications.
  • The patient will receive a “smart card” allowing him a web-based access to his medical history.
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Patients’ Stories

Marat Gainullin arrived in Israel confined to a wheelchair. His colon was almost completely obstructed by colorectal cancer. Treatment was urgently required. Doctors in Bashkortostan  advised Marat Gainullin to undergo the surgery in Israel .  Howeverwhen the Israeli oncology specialists assessed his condition, it was determined that the colon cancer had progressed to a stage where surgery was not  recommended.   Doctor Igor Nemirovsky, the leading oncologist of the Moshe Sharett institute in the Hadassah Medical Center, examined the patient and determined Marat’s condition to